4 Ways Marriage is Like Homeschooling

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Over the last 11 years of homeschooling I have realized how similar marriage and homeschooling really are. Sounds crazy, right? I agree. I mean what in the world does a holy covenant of matrimony have in common with teaching your children – not to mention all the chaos and child-rearing that go along with that. I remember the first time I had this thought in my mind I chuckled because it really seemed like quite an absurd comparison. How could marriage possibly be like homeschooling? Today I am going to share with you 4 ways that I believe marriage is like homeschooling.

4 Ways Marriage is Like Homeschooling

4 Ways Marriage is Like Homeschooling

1. You are always learning one another.

As those of you who homeschool know, we are always learning our students. I remember back in 1999 when I first read the book The Way They Learn by educational learning style expert Cynthia Tobias. This book rocked my world. It gave me some amazing insight as to how I could begin to identify the learning style of our future children and how this would benefit me during our homeschooling years. And as I was reading it I found there to be some striking similarities to the way I was learning my husband. And here we are 15 years into our marriage and I am still learning what makes him tick and studying him like I do my children.

2. It’s a serious commitment.

Anyone who has been married longer than a year or homeschooled for a week or more knows how true this statement really is. The marriage covenant that my husband and I made is for the entire span of our life here on earth – and while this is a wonderful thing – if we are not committed to the covenant the marriage will not last. And the same is true for homeschooling. In order to make homeschooling work, you have to be fully committed. And as with anything, if you are not fully committed you have little chance of success.

3. You get out of it what you put into it.

Isn’t this the truth? I find that if I give my marriage or homeschool minimal effort, then I get less-than desirable results. There have been some days in my homeschooling career that I really couldn’t have cared less how the day went. I was tired, worn to the bone, and unwilling to do much work. I found that for some odd reason I’d still expect my students to give full-effort even when I wasn’t giving my teaching full-effort. Go figure! And then those are the times that God will remind me that I cannot expect what I do not give – the basic principle of reaping and sowing.

And so it is with marriage. If I want to have a harvest of awesomeness in my marriage, then I need to give it my all. Even when I fall short, I still need to pick myself back up and give it another go, always putting my best foot forward. And it is in these times that I see my marriage becoming more joyous, thriving, and growing. And my marriage is worth every bit of effort I put into it and more!

4. Attitude is everything.

I cannot tell you how often I am reminded of this truth. Have you ever had a day where your attitude was less than stellar? I’ve had many. And I always see the immediate repercussions of it. Can you relate? And on the opposite side, when I have a positive attitude, I see how God paves the way for an amazing day full of astounding possibilities. I see this truth evident in our homeschooling days and every day within my marriage. I do my best to present the best attitude possible because the truth is I am blessed beyond measure to be a wife and homeschooling mom!

All-in-all I’ve found that my years of homeschooling have been beneficial in building my marriage, and vice-versa. It is amazing to me how God calls us to things that will help sharpen us in more than one area of our life. I’m so thankful that everything God calls us to is multi-faceted and has purpose. Aren’t you?

Have you found that homeschooling and marriage have similarities that have blessed both your marriage and homeschool? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Carlie K. @ fulfillingyourvows.com

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  1. Good points, Carlie! I never thought of it like that before. I too want a “harvest of awesomeness” in my marriage, homeschool, and parenting. Love it!

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