7 {preventable} Things that Cause Homeschool Burnout

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It seems to be about this time every year that homeschool burnout really tends to set in for me. We’ve been back to our normal schedule for a month or so since Christmas and I’ve really just had enough. Typically though, it isn’t homeschooling itself that I’m burned out with, it’s other situations surrounding our homeschooling days that have pushed me to my breaking point.

7 Totally Preventable Things That Cause Homeschool Burnout

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms of homeschool burnout? If so, it may be because one or more of these preventable things are pushing you into burnout mode:

  1. Too busy. Take a look at your calendar. Do you have any room to breathe? Are you drowning in co-ops, sports, clubs, church activities, obligations, and who even knows what else? Personally, I feel most stressed out with homeschooling when I am trying to squeeze in school each day. When our schedules are so full that school loses it’s priority, we are bound to feel stressed out.
  2. Using the wrong curriculum. Is your curriculum working for your children? Maybe it was in the beginning of the year, but now you’re not so sure. Forcing your child to work through a curriculum that doesn’t match his/her learning style will only produce frustration. Is your child bored with the curriculum?
  3. Expectations are too high. Expecting too much of your child. Maybe he/she is not currently where you think they should be. Maybe you are “behind” in your lesson plans. Whose standards are you trying to live up to?
  4. Trying to be Super Mom. Are your expectations for yourself too high? Are you “all homeschool, all the time”? Do you make time for yourself: your needs, your hobbies? Homeschooling is not an altar that you should sacrifice yourself upon.
  5. Forgetting to have fun. When is the last time you declared a family fun day? Put the books up. Go on an adventure.
  6. Being a control freak. Who runs your homeschool? You or God? Are you trying too hard to stick to your plans and not realizing where God is trying to take your family?
  7. Being unorganized. This one is HUGE for me {and probably the easiest to prevent}. If my home and my life is unorganized, burnout sets in quickly.

If you’re starting to experience some of the symptoms of homeschool burnout, I encourage you to take an honest look at your life and see if any of these key factors are playing a role in the stress. If so, take steps now to prevent a full scale burnout from happening.

If you find yourself in the trenches of homeschool burnout and aren’t sure how to find your way out, stay tuned next week when I share 7 tried and true ways to defeat homeschool burnout for good.


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