7 Easy Steps to a Clean House {for moms who hate to clean}

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I won’t beat around the bush here, I am no Susie Homemaker.

I can cook and I can homeschool my children, but keeping the house organized and clutter-free is a thorn in my side. It’s not that I don’t know how to clean a house. No, it’s not that at all. It is simply that I can never find the time to do all that needs to be done. On the rare occasion that I do find the time, I would rather spend that time doing something else.

Yes, what it really comes down to the fact that I hate to clean…..but yet, I want a clean house. Seems like an impossible problem, doesn’t it?

Well, not quite!

7 Easy Steps to a Clean House {for moms who hate to clean}

I have found seven EASY steps to a clean house for the mom {like me} who hates to clean:

  1. Have a set, detailed cleaning schedule and stick to it! I have a list of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks. When I break up the duties into smaller chunks, they seem much less daunting. For example, some of my daily tasks include: 1 load of laundry start to finish, dishes, sweeping the floors, making my bed. My weekly tasks include: washing the sheets, cleaning the bathroom, dusting the furniture, etc. A few of my monthly cleaning duties include: organizing one closet, cleaning baseboards, cleaning mini-blinds, organizing pantry, etc.
  2. Clean in 15 minute power sessions each day. This is the real key for me maintaining a clean home while retaining my sanity! I block out three 15 minute sessions each day. Mine are before lunch, while dinner is cooking, and before bed. Each Sunday, I schedule tasks from my daily/weekly/monthly cleaning lists into these 15 minute blocks. Then, when the time rolls around, I set the timer, turn on some music and get it done.
  3. Get your children involved! Even a toddler can “help” clean! Are you wondering which chores can be delegated to which ages? Check out my age-appropriate chore chart printable here. There is no rule anywhere that says all of the household duties must be performed by mom! Quite the opposite actually, if they are living in your home, they should be participating in household chores. Younger children love marking their accomplishments off on chore charts. You can download a free Frozen-themed chore chart, free Minecraft-themed chore chart, or a free Hello Kitty-themed chore chart by clicking each link.
  4. Find a place for everything. If you can’t find a place for it, you don’t need it! I tell my children this all the time. We live in a small home, and I am always hearing “but I don’t have room in my room for it!”, my response is simple, “if you can’t find a place for it, then we have to get rid of it”. It’s amazing how often they find open spaces! This not only applies to children though. Our kitchen table seems to be the catch all place in our home. Mail, purses, homeschool books, all end up on the table. Where is the catch all space in your home? What can you do to eliminate it? I’ve solved our issue by placing a tablecloth and a nice basket of fruit on the table. It helps to remind the kids that the kitchen table is not a storage space. I also have created a dedicated mail area. It’s simply two fabric file folders hanging on the wall: one for outgoing mail, and one for incoming mail.
  5. Do the dishes after each meal. For us, this means loading and unloading the dishwasher. Dirty dishes are not allowed to sit in the sink. That’s a non-negotiable rule in our home. If you have a dirty dish, it must be put into the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, the person who needs to put the dish into the dishwasher is responsible for unloading it first so that they can put their dish in. This was an easy fix to the problem of the kitchen being overtaken by dirty dishes.
  6. Stay on top of the laundry. This means different things for different families. For us, each child has her own day each week to do her laundry. On the other days, I do one load each day start to finish. It makes the laundry issue seem so much more manageable if I’m only doing one load per day.
  7. Change your perspective. This was a huge breakthrough for me. Cleaning the house always seemed like such an insurmountable task. I would let it get way out of control and then spend hours upon hours cleaning it up just to have it completely destroyed again within a day or so. Once I really began to use the six steps listed above, it no longer seemed so bad. I also began to take pride in my house. I began to see my home as the blessing that it truly was and because of that, I wanted to take the time to make it clean and orderly. My children have also noticed and adopted my new philosophy on having an organized home.

So there you have it. These are the seven easy steps that have changed our messy, unorganized home into a tidy, mostly organized haven that we love. Give it a try. You don’t have to start with all seven. Pick two or three and focus on those for a few weeks and I promise, you’ll see a difference, and then you’ll want to implement the others. Having a clean home doesn’t have to be stressful or take all of your free time. Making a few little changes will yield big results. I still hate to clean…so I don’t, I simply maintain. If you never have a huge mess, then you never have to clean it up. It’s the little changes that you make each day that prevents you from ever having to spend an entire day cleaning again!

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  1. Well this post is almost like it was written just for me. I finally put together my daily schedule, but I am still struggling with finding or making the time to get it done. Step #2 may be just what I need. I will try and implement that starting today! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Would you be willing to share your daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule?

    1. Y that’s what I also wanted to ask as it sounds very useful, thanks in advance and I liked your tip with the 15 mins power cleaning. For me a 5 minutes per room in the ,owning routine worked so far but will definitely try out your suggestions

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