10 Tips for Getting Organized at Home

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tips for an organized home

The new year always feels like a fresh start, but resolutions can make us feel pressured to make a drastic change right away.

Instead, I like to look to the end of the next year, and think about what I would like to have accomplished. I’m hoping to have a more clean and organized home, and, if I don’t feel pressured to make it happen until 12 months from now, I feel less stress. Nice right?

I’m here to share with you my 10 tips for an organized home! These tips will lead the way towards habits that will help you create a happier, cleaner home for your family.

10 Tips for Getting Organized at Home

  1. Create a place for everything. I’m not kidding. Look around, and you’ll see that the clutter, the loose papers, the toys, are all out of place. Out of place means messy.
  2. Set up a paper organizing station. Sort mail into two bins, trash, and important. Is there an in-between with mail? I haven’t found one.
  3. Deal with out of place items right away. This is one I can’t stress enough. Pick up toys every evening, fold laundry every day, and sort mail as soon as you bring it in the house. If you leave things out of place clutter builds up. What could have been a small job of putting things away becomes a huge time consuming task. I know this from experience. One word. Laundry.
  4. Keep an ongoing donation box for unused belongings. Clothes that fit too small get tossed in the donation box instead of back in the drawer. Toys that have been collecting dust in the corner can be placed in the dontation box instead of back in the toy bin. Make a commitment to drop the donated items off once a month at a charity organization.
  5. Hand off tasks that you don’t like to do. That’s right, if you don’t like cleaning the toilet, you may not have to be the one to clean it! My least favorite household chore is doing the dishes, and my husband doesn’t like to vacuum, so we try to help eachother out with those chores.
  6. Create better time-management. Figure out how long each chore takes, and make time for it. Folding a load of laundry takes five minutes, dishes ten, mopping the floors 20. Together those chores will take you about 35 minutes. Where in your daily routine can you spend 35 minutes cleaning? Break it up if you have to, which leads me to my next tip.
  7. Schedule (loosely if that scares you) cleaning and organizing to do. If you only have half an hour each day to clean, decide which day you’ll be doing each chore. The schedule I created for our family has daily chores, weekly cleaning, and monthly organizing.
  8. Stock up on cleaning supplies you love! I just purchased a refillable spray mop, and now I clean my tile floors more often. When it comes to chores you don’t like, find a way to make them easier.
  9. Start a chore chart for your children. Kids can help around the house more than you think. Preschoolers can put away their own laundry and wipe down windows. Older kids can fold clothes, load the dishwasher, and pick up around the house. Just don’t expect the jobs to be done with perfection. That’s part of having kids learn to help around the house.
  10. Plan ahead. Think about what is coming up in your life that may get in the way of your routine, or require extra effort in the household. You can add extra chores to your schedule before a family gathering or find a needed object in a cluttered closet for an upcoming event. Planning ahead keeps family stress levels lower.

So those are my 10 tips for a more organized home! It may take a while to create the habits needed for an organized home. Take it slow, you have all year!

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  1. These are really great tips! We always have a spare boxes around to fill up with donation items. I swear I have something to put in them DAILY!! It really does help with the clutter. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I definitely need to start a donation box. I always just end up sticking things that I want to give to charity in a random corner and it makes the room look so cluttered! I box is a much better idea.


  3. Thank you for the handy tips! I like tips #1, #5 and #8! 🙂

  4. Working on that finding a place for everything this month. So far the kids have been on board a lot more than they have in the past (yeah!).
    Love the tip of dropping off that donation box once a month. Ours tends to sit and get bigger and bigger, and before I know it people are taking things out of the box we were going to donate.

  5. I love #1. I tell the kids if it is out of place after I’ve said to put them away, it goes in trash when i make my rounds soon after. Oh the tears I’ve seen but they are learning more and more… if it is not it its place (usually left on the floor), that is what happens.

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