On The Road {Free Printable Road Trip Games}

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The holiday season usually means traveling to visit family and friends. Whether traveling by vehicle, plane, train, or boat…keeping children entertained is essential for happy traveling for everyone.

Free Printable Road Trip Games

We travel by car during the holidays since we are only about 3 hours away from most of our family. Even in that short amount of time my boys can get a little restless, so having a portable DVD player, tablets, and a collection of small toys, puzzles, & coloring books on hand can help to keep the boys from getting rambunctious and cranky while being cooped up in a car.

We also play games in the car! We have three games that we enjoy. These games are also educational ~ why not get some learning done while traveling.

1 ~ Rainbow Car Game

A few years ago my kids created a game called Rainbow. It’s a fairly simple game, even younger children can play. This game is great for teaching colors and the order of colors in a Rainbow to younger children. Trust me though, even teenagers enjoy this game!

The object of the game is to find a car for each color of the rainbow, in order. You know “ROYGBIV”. The first one to get all 7 colors in order, wins.

Rainbow Car Game

Click here to print out the game piece and the basic instructions.

My daughter and niece (the teenagers) would make up different rules to the game to make it a little harder for them. They would sometimes include the ability to block someone from calling a specific color. For example, if you have already called your yellow car and know someone is looking for yellow, if you see one before they do you can call “tweeter” to block them from getting it. You can make up different words for each color to block another person.

We enjoy playing Rainbow, not only on long trips but running errands around town too. Even the driver can play this game!

2 ~ Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo can be played by all ages! It may be a little hard for the driver to play this game but it will definitely keep the children busy looking around outside the windows to find the objects on their gameboard.

Road Trip Bingo

Click here to print the Bingo gameboards.

3 ~ License Plate Scavenger Hunt

The License Plate Scavenger Hunt is geared more towards older children, as it does involve reading State names on license plates and then locating the State on a map.

License Plate Scavenger Hunt

Click here to print the State list and map.

Printing these games on cardstock and then laminating them will make them more durable for traveling, as well as making them reusable! You can put them in a manilla envelope to store in the glove box (don’t forget the dry erase markers & an eraser). You could even put the games in a 3-ring binder with a collection of coloring pages for each child. Add a pencil pouch to the 3-ring binder to hold colored pencils for coloring, dry erase markers, & an eraser.

I hope these games and free printables help keep your travels during the holiday season a little less rambunctious!

May your holiday season be blessed and full of wonderful family memories!


Jenny Morris is a Christ-following, Military wife-married to her own personal G.I. Joe. Mama of 4 amazing kids, ages ranging from 5 years to 24 years, 3 boys & 1 girl. Happily homeschooling for 9 years. She is the author of Faith & Good Works, where she writes mostly about homeschooling & her family life. When she isn’t chasing after her two youngest sons, she enjoys photography, crocheting, and genealogy. You can find Jenny on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest

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