Connecting Christmas and Zoology

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If your child loves animals then you know you have to find a way to incorporate animals into every day lessons. What? You don’t? Surely it can’t just be my child?

My child is…I hate to use the word “obsessed” because that implies a bad thing…we will say he has a passion for animals. I realize he’s only 7, but for 3 years now he has consistently said he wants to be a Zookeeper when he grows up.

So everything in our house centers around animals. Math problems are If the cheetah runs 60 miles per hour and the gazelle runs 35, how much faster is the cheetah?

True story.

So we can find Zoology even in Christmas!

Here are some ideas for Zoology during the holidays:

  • Set up a bird feeding station in your backyard. Observe the birds that stop in to eat. Check out library books or research online and identify the birds so you can find out if they are native or passing through on their way south for the winter!
  • Visit the zoo. We live in the south and the weather is still mild in December (our really cold sets in Jan-Feb). The cooler months are a great time to visit the zoo. The animals are more active. Our local zoo has special nights where the whole zoo is lit up in Christmas lights! So we usually go once during the day and once at night this time of the year.
  • Visit a petting zoo. A bonus if the petting zoo is in the regular zoo! You will likely encounter animals you would expect to find in the nativity story. You can link this hands on experience with the story of the nativity.
  • Make a nativity sensory box. I used a box like this Farm Sensory Box and added nativity figures (Little People ones work great), hay and strips of cloth.
  • Read a Christmas book from an animal’s perspective. There are several great nativity stories that are told from an animal’s POV. Some of our favorites:

I hope these ideas will help keep your budding zoologist entertained over the holidays!

Tabitha is a former preschool teacher turned homeschooling mom. She blogs about Homeschooling her only child (yes, there are those of out there that homeschool only children!) at Life, Learning, Homeschool .

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