Christmas Star Craft Tutorial

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An Meaningful Christmas Project

Homeschooling can be fun during the Holiday Season!

While this is a really busy season, with travel, gatherings and shopping , it can be meaningful.

We just need to be intentional about it and keep the important things important. We as moms must model the values we want our children to cherish. And it is not easy! That’s why we are following The Creating A Legacy Family Christmas Checklist (it’s a free printable) so we can do fun and creative Christmas activities that help us keep the focus on Jesus and on giving to others.

In our homeschool time we have been focusing on spending time learning about the real meaning of Christmas (we call it Jesus’ birthday) while having fun making Christmas ornaments (You can check out our latest projects here).

We even have done other cute star ornaments like these ones.

Fun With A Message Christmas Crafts Star

However, the Wooden Christmas Star Ornament is turning out to be my favorite!

S Is For Star

Christmas Ornament Tutorial

A Simple Ornament About The True Meaning Of Christmas

Reading through the Christmas story, we find that Mary and Joseph were not enjoying the “Holidays”. In fact, she was pregnant and probably uncomfortable having to ride by foot or on a donkey to another town.

When she finally arrived at her destination, every home was full, every room taken. What a disappointment it must have been.  They had to do with what they could find.

And it wasn’t the most lavish house in Bethlehem but it was the perfect place for the Messiah to be born. Some have call it a stable.  Most now agree it was were the sacrificial lambs were kept wrapped in swaddling clothes.

It paints an amazing picture as to what Jesus’ future held, doesn’t it?

So Christmas was not lavish (except for the lavish act of love to us).  It was not fancy.  It had no beautiful decorations.  It was everyday life, and in my opinion a bit stressful, right?

In that context, I designed a very simple craft that holds much meaning for Christmas.

A Wooden Christmas Star

We made a wooden star that encompasses the events and meaning of Christmas.

The star ‘announced’ the Messiah had come and guided the three kings to his birthplace.

The wood represents the cross that His future held.

The star has the shape of the Star of David which represents Israel.  His people. His nation.

The ties that we used represent how we would be tied up, lashed and ultimately tied to the cross.

Free Printable Homeschool Study

This lone little star represents so much of what Christmas is really about for me that I’ve designed a printable homeschool study to go along with the craft.

You can download “The Christmas Star” Homeschool Printable at Fun With A Message website.

See below for the tutorial.


  • Wooden craft sticks
  • Yarn
  • Paint
  • Glue (optional)
  • Canvas



  1. With the craft sticks make two triangles. You can glue the corners.      Fun With A Message Star Ornament
  2. Use yarn to tie up the corners together.   Fun With A Message Star Ornament
  3. Invert one triangle.

    Fun With A Message Star Ornament
    Fun With A Message Star Ornament
  4. Fasten them together with yarn as shown on picture.    Fun With A Message Star Ornament
  5. Paint over sticks and before it dries wipe some off with a sponge for a rustic look.

I hope this craft will be as meaningful to you as it has been to me. Reminding all of us what Christmas is truly about.

For more crafts, artwork and free printables visit Fun With A Message

FUN With A MessageFun With A Message is all about fun, art, kids, and parenting. We believe in preserving the innocence of childhood through beautiful artwork and books with fun and positive life lessons. Through the sales of art prints we contribute to nonprofits that fight child-trafficking.

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