A Very LEGO Christmas

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We’ve been doing Lego Christmas challenges for a few years now and our family just loves them. A couple of years back around Thanksgiving time I was a little over-eager to get out the Christmas decorations. I had some new plans for our homeschool lessons during the holiday season and I was so excited!

The very first thing I brought out of the shed was our little fake tree and the Jesse Tree ornaments that we enjoy hanging up throughout the advent season. The kids always enjoy listening to the stories each morning and putting the ornaments up. Still, it was missing something for the hands-on learners, and I really didn’t want to add another craft to my plate each day (can I get an Amen?)

Suddenly it hit me… do a Lego Jesse Tree challenge! I busily set up a fun little activity for my kids that included simple building prompts, a Bible reading, and printable ornaments. BAM! A new tradition was born.

Create Lego Christmas challenges for holiday fun and learning

As you can imagine, the Lego challenge madness didn’t stop there. After a taste of Mom-approved Lego education, my kids’ interest in Legos went through the roof. Building and play can be a great way to teach important skills to kids, so I went along with their interest!

These past few years, I have collected and developed Lego learning experiences for our family devotions and homeschooling, for our holidays, and more. Lego challenges have been a huge help in teaching the things that are most important to our family in a fun and memorable way.

Create Your Own Christmas Lego Challenge

You can create your own Christmas Lego challenge to do with your kids this year! There are so many ways to go about this, but the easiest is to introduce a challenge into your own family traditions. Choose one lesson, tradition, or meaningful activity that you’d like to change up a bit this time around. Think of a way that you can use Lego activities or challenges to enhance the experience.

For example, consider having the kids build several scenes from the nativity story and take pictures. Print out sets of the pictures and write the scene on the back with a scripture. Tie each set with a ribbon, and include them with a sweet note and some treats for the neighbors.

Another idea is to find a desk or nook somewhere to build an epic Lego creation together as a family (best for when you don’t have a Toddler-Zilla roaming the household, of course.) Post a picture of the nativity scene for reference, sort of like working on a giant puzzle over the course of the holiday. Spend 15 minutes each day working on creating a part of the scene and end on Christmas Eve!

For the littler guys and gals, a simple daily build challenge at the table after morning breakfast is a great option. Choose a set of common Christmas symbols, events, people, books, etc. that your child would recognize.

More Christmas Lego Challenge Ideas

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Incorporating an activity your kids love into things you want to teach can create a new an memorable tradition this year! Here are more ideas to get you thinking:

  • Build a scene from favorite Christmas books
  • Build scenes or objects from a Christmas movie
  • Have the kids build something they remember from each day’s Bible reading
  • Try fun family Lego games and add some Christmas flavor
  • Build a manger to put under the tree (add a baby doll for Jesus on Christmas morning)
  • Build ornaments to hang on the tree
  • Create Christmas decorations for the mantle
  • Build a giant Lego “Merry Christmas” to photograph and include in the family greeting card or Christmas letter
  • Try advent activities like a Jesse Tree Lego Challenge or a Christmas Lego Challenge

Lego Challenges at Proverbial Homemaker

Lego Challenge Tips

  • Don’t give detailed instructions or a picture to copy exactly. These aren’t Lego kits – they’re supposed to be creative!
  • If they struggle, suggest several different possible build approaches, or show them examples of different things kids have built with Legos (there are many examples online) and then give them room to be creative with their own challenge.
  • You might consider making ornaments or similar crafts permanent by glueing the pieces together
  • You can keep Legos color-coded or put them all in a big bin. It just depends on how your kids work best.
  • If the younger kids aren’t interested in building or aren’t able to do so yet, have them complete the challenge by drawing instead of building!
  • Legos aren’t the only building tool you can use! There are several wonderful and educational building toys that would be great for your Christmas challenge.

Have you used Lego challenges in your home? What subjects in homeschooling or other learning experiences could you incorporate them into?

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