Handmade Holidays {12 Easy Homemade Gift Ideas}

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The holidays are upon us once again. I love the holidays, the whole feel of them- except the overwhelming message blared at us each year to SPEND MORE MONEY. I prefer my gifts to be heartfelt and that doesn’t mean spending a lot. One of my all time favorite gifts was from my sister- an embroidery hoop that she stitched a heart rhythm on. I work in healthcare, in the cardiac field so it was so cute!

Handmade Holidays - 12 Handmade Gift Ideas

I feel like the time invested in creating a gift for someone far outweighs the amount of money you could spend. There are certainly well thought out purchased gifts, as a matter of fact my husband proposed on Christmas! He certainly didn’t make my ring and it is most definitely my favorite Christmas present.

This year my son and I have been creating some goofy tee shirts to give to our family. We even made a few for his siblings. Another reason I love to create handmade gifts is the time spend with my kids creating them! It makes for great homeschool lessons in science and life skills. My kids also very much enjoy being crafty!


I have featured a few fun iron on transfers on my blog before. You can find them here and here. Before printing the image remember to flip it. I just use the paint program on my computer to flip the images.

This is a really inexpensive but fun gift!
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This is a really inexpensive but fun gift!


Here are a few other ideas for fun homemade gifts for everyone on your list!

This awesome candle would make a great gift and a cool science project!


These amazing DIY Milk and Honey Soaps would make a great gift!


This whipped sugar cookie body butter would be a great lesson on states of matter!


This homemade gift of handmade river rock dominos would be perfect for kids. Bonus: It’s educational!


Here is an awesome but far more complicated DIY gift: DIY lap desk!


This tote would be an awesome gift for the homeschool mom on the go!



This handmade Letter Photo Collage would make any Grandmother squeal with delight!


Anything coffee makes this homeschool mom happy including coffee soap!


This stylish DIY chalkboard would look fabulous in your homeschool room, or dining room!


Homeschool Dad’s everywhere will appreciate this science project!


Or show some love with this DIY Hand Stamped Handkerchief

For more fun projects and free printables to help homeschool through the early years head on over and visit Holly at The Fraggle Momma! Holly is a homeschooling mom who blogs about homeschooling her son and tot schooling with her daughter. She writes to encourage and empower homeschool parents on thier journey in homeschooling.

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