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This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for publishing it. However, I only publish sponsored posts from companies that I love. WORLD News Group is one of these companies. Their publications are top notch and are perfect for Christian homeschooling families.


At WORLD News Group, we’re committed to providing effective tools to help parents train their children strategically at every phase of development—from preschool to young teen—to become discerning consumers in the post-Christian information age in which we live. The challenges we face in this endeavor will only continue to grow as we strive to train our children “in the instruction of the Lord,” enabling them to grow into responsible adults who are not merely successful in their careers, but who also become godly leaders in their families and communities.

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To that end, God’s Big WORLD will help your preschoolers by supplying them with useful and engaging information for the future, instilling in them the wonders of God’s creation. WORLDkids will challenge elementary-age children to explore their world and gain a deeper understanding of it, building good habits vital to their success as adults. And WORLDteen will provide a safe environment for young teens to absorb and filter the news, stretching their reasoning muscles, so that when faced with information onslaught, they will instinctively know how to respond and thrive.

The question before us is not IF our children will consume information but HOW they will consume it. That’s why we at WORLD are committed to standing with you as parents to assist you in training your children to be smart, godly consumers of news and information in a society that routinely employs information as a weapon and news as a tool for manipulation. We can’t completely shield them from it or hide our heads in the sand—nor should we. We can partner together in a great cause, training our children to discern—to think critically and wisely—processing the ever-constant flow of information in a way that brings clarity and using it for good in the world.

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