How Do You Homeschool and Work Full Time?

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Do you work full time? You can still Homeschool-  and here is how!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had mothers say to me, “I really want to homeschool my children, but I can’t because I have to work full time.”

My response is always the same: “Yes, you can! I’ve worked full time while homeschooling my children and so can you!”

At this point, the ladies I’m speaking to usually raise their eyebrows with a look of disbelif and give me  the “well, maybe you can, but I can’t” reply.

I know it sounds impossible. How in the world can you work 40 hours a week outside of the home and still have time to properly educate your children while keeping the house somewhat clean, cooking and not to mention being a wife?

I will tell you up front, it’s not easy. It is overwhelming and it most definitely isn’t the ideal situation, but if homeschooling your children is important to you and God has called you to this lifestyle, it can and should be done.

If you’re wondering how you can homeschool while working full-time, consider these tips:

  • Look at your work schedule and determine when you could devote time to homeschooling.  If you work during the day Monday through Friday, you could have school on the weekends and in the evenings. If you work nights or evenings, you could have school during the day. You don’t have to have a traditional Monday-Friday mornings and early afternoon school schedule. When you’re a homeschooling mom, flexibility is your friend!
  • One of the biggest challenges to homeschooling while both you and your spouse work full time is finding child care. I highly suggest that if you want to homeschool, you and your spouse should work opposite schedules. Someone has to be home with the kids at all times, right?
  • Choose a curriculum that matches your needs. If you don’t have a ton of time to devote to putting lesson plans together yourself, find a curriculum that already does it for you. We use My Father’s World for this very reason. You could also choose an online or video-based curriculum.
  • If you are passionate about homeschooling, but know that it just is not feasible in your current job situation, consider finding a new job that will better accommodate a homeschooling schedule.
  • And most importantly, PRAY! Pray for God to reveal His vision for your life. If He is calling you to homeschool, He will make a way. You only have to be bold and obedient. I speak from experience when I tell you that He will provide paths where you never imagined and will open and close doors when you give Him the freedom to do so.

Are you still not convinced that you working and homeschooling would work for you? Email me at and explain your situation. Chances are I’ve found myself in a very similar situation and together we’ll formulate a plan to make it work for you.


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  1. It is possible to homeschool while working full time. I already did it once, but had the help of a friend. Now, in the fall, I will be on my own homeschooling a 7th grader while working full time outside the home. My son will be alone a couple of days a week to work independently but other than that with family members. Say a prayer for me!

    1. Barbie- I’ll definitely be praying for you! You can do it!

    2. I have 3 daughters & will be homeschooling only the middle one (after Cmas holidays) which happens to be a 7th grader too. I also work full time & will be doing same with her during day/ week. Just feels good to know I am not ONLY one out there!! The other two girls are in different schools and are thriving, but I know this is right choice for my middle schooler @ this point. Will def say a prayer over you & yours!!

  2. I currently run 3 businesses and homeschool 4 children! Anything is possible!

    1. That’s amazing!! You’re absolutely right!

    2. Pam what do you do? I’m a waitress in the evenings and secretary at home for our family business. I need additional income as well. This could make or break my marriage. Also I do not live near family. ~Jennifer

  3. I am a dentist and my hubby runs our small farm/cattle. We homeschool our 4 (12, 10, 7,and 4)children. Starting our 3rd year. It is doable. Takes some creativity and it is hard work, but very worth it.

    1. That is amazing. I so want to homeschool my little boy but I am a single mum and have to work a couple of days a week. I don’t know what I can do with my little boy for those days?
      Regards, Julia from England

  4. I so want to home school and feel God directing me to do this. I am a single mum with little support. My son also needs friends. Any suggestions? I live in England. I could work two days a week although we would be quite poor but I don’t know what to do with Jacob for these two days. I contacted local child minders but they had very small children and didn’t think it would be fair. I home school on a Wednesday but my little boy attends school for four days. I did think of a flexi learning package but do not feel peace about this. Can anyone give some advice please?
    Many thanks God bless, Julia

  5. I have two teenagers that I am homeschooling. One is self motivated and great. My 16 year old not so much. I don’t know what to do to get her to do her school work. I have tried bribery, threats, 1:1 conversations to include begging. I have just taken on a new job with the hours 8-4 but those vary as I am now a nursing unit manager. I am so frustrated I am considering sending her back to public school, but I worry about her associations d/t the fact she is easily influenced by peers and she struggles with learning in large classes. Any suggestions to a mom who is ready to throw in the towel?

    1. I have a similar situation with my 11 year old. She is a pre-teen in many ways and I can relate. She says “no” constantly to things I suggest or ask of her, and I have found that honoring her wishes brings peace and better solutions down the line. She is sensitive and intuitive and picks up vibes from people around her and I think half the time she is right, if not most of the time. She also doesn’t like large classes and prefers to learn slowly at her own pace. I have found Montessori to be a good fit for her. You might try that and see. There are schools with the older grades, or a self-paced alternative program. I hope this helps.

  6. I started homeschooling my 9th grader in August of this year. This is my first time homeschooling. I am a single mom who works full-time. I am also going to school and have church items that we do. I have prayed about the timing of all of this and this is the season but I question if my daughter is getting what she needs. I question if I am doing the right thing. We have outside activities she participates in including participation in a homeschool Co-op. However, I don’t want my daughter to fall behind and not get all that she needs. She wants to go to college. I want to give her what she will need not just for her academic career but spiritually etc.
    I am seeking God’s wisdom on how to do all that I am doing and His way in doing what needs to get done. Also, I need His anointing to do this. I would sincerely appreciate prayers for us as we go through this journey and also advice.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  7. I am so glad I found your website! I am a full time public school teacher, and my 5th grade daughter is begging me to homeschool her. She currently attends a private Christian school, but has encountered conflicts with fellow students, and her grades are sliding. I have been thinking it would be impossible to homeschool her, BUT, her father is not currently working full time, AND we live in a duplex situation next door to my parents. I approached my husband and parents, expressed my daughter’s desire to homeschool, and they are very receptive to helping us achieve this goal. My husband and parents will help her some during the day, and I am going to help her with most of her learning in the evenings, on Saturdays, and during the summer months. It also helps that we will be using the same curriculum that she uses at her school. Praise God! It was so encouraging to read your blog and the responses of other readers, to know that I am not alone, and that it can be done!
    Debra 🙂

  8. Ladies I want you to know how much this has blessed me. (shedding tears of joy and relief). To be honest I have never thought of homeschooling my children myself but have always thought it would be better for them. But because of my own fears, lack of patience, and lack of knowledge have shied away from it. My husband and I both work for the government (my husband is in the military and I work with soldiers dealing with mental health issues) and we have a 6th grader and a 3rd grader. Just recently I have been placed in a situation now that homeschooling is the best choice for my 6th grader and with this situation I have been forced to face my fears. You all have encouraged my so much and I am so thankful that I can across this post. Homeschooling is all new to me and never thought of any other way to do things than from the traditional school from 8-3. Thank you ladies again. Please say a little prayer for my family and I will definitely say a little prayer for yours as well.

    1. Hi,Roshawnda! I will definitely be praying for your family! Homeschooling is incredibly home, but so very rewarding. You can do this!! Good luck!

  9. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for being so encouraging! My son will start kindergaden this year, and I never thought of homeschooling until the past 6 months. I work 32 hours a week, 3pm-1130pm. I keep praying about it and cannot stop thinking about it! I want to homeschool for several reasons, but mostly because I feel like I am suppose to. It can be discouraging because when I tell people that I’m thinking of it (even some of my friends who homeschool but dont work) they think it would be too much on my plate. I feel like it will be hard but that it can be done! Thanks again!

    1. Hi, Cynthia! I definitely think that you can..and it sounds like you are being called, so you should homeschool. I will tell you that when I worked full-time outside the home and homeschooled, that 3p-11p was the easiest shift to do both effectively. We would have school before I went to work and I was still able to have some downtime before leaving. Keep in mind, you also have your days off that you can school…even if it is the weekend. Good luck!!

  10. I’m doing it. I’ve always been a stay at home, homeschooling mama, but after being abandoned by my husband, that left me to do everything for our 5 children. So now I took a job outside the home, and they let me work half of it from home so that I can still be here to homeschool my kids. It is definitely not easy, but if God calls you to do something, then He will help and provide. I’m finding that to be true again and again.

    Prayers and blessings to everyone who is called to do the same!

  11. Great message! We have 3 children and 1 on the way. and I am a 3rd grade teacher! We are blessed to be able to have my husband at home during the day with the little kids (the oldest goes to the school I teach for…for now). It is difficult to be consistent, but it is possible….choosing a pre-written curriculum for us was a MUST!
    This summer we will really be hitting it hard as our 6 year old will be turing 7 and things need to get a little more serious…but in reality, this has given us the opportunity to teach our son in an environment that worked for him.
    For now nights, weekends and summers are mine….day time/nap time are dad’s 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for your voice. I have 1 daughter entering college and another will follow in 2 years. I am currently homeschooling my son who is a rising 7th grader. I need to go back to work to help with the cost of tuition but I have felt so very guilty. I didn’t want to force my son back into public school now that we have grown accustomed to homeschooling. He has done so well and grown so much in his confidence and independence. The guilt and pressure of being between a rock and a hard place has been enormous. Now I have hope that I can go back to work and still homeschool him. I’ll need something like the online BJU or Abeka I think, but somehow, I think I can find a pre made curriculum to fit. Thanks again for the encouragement.

  13. I am strongly considering homeschooling my son who is 15. I am a single Mom, so I have to work my full time job. My son had a rough year last year in high school and did not pass to the 10th grade, so he has to start again in 9th grade. He has been turned to attend an alternative high school in my district, hence my choice to home school him. He’s actually on board with my decision, and seems excited about it.
    He has had a rough summer, anxiety/panic attacks have almost taken him over and was actually in the ER just this past week. Of course all tests came back fine. But he still doesn’t understand why (no one does really) and it’s really gotten him down. He’s a bit of a proscrastinator and I will need to constantly keep him motivated. Any advice you can give would be great, especially regarding curriculum. Price is a big issue, but I’ve found lots of things at yardsales, thrift stores, etc. I even jointed a Lending Library in my area. But I still need a boost from other Mom’s who have made this work.
    Thank you!

    1. That’s when my panic disorder began. Things that really helped me were going giving up sugar (COMPLETELY) –
      there’s so much sugar free it’s not that hard anymore. Also going Gluten-free (cheating when out and about was fine) but most importantly going dairy-free (cheese and limited yogurt ok but NO milk whatsoever). Carrying water and drinking it whenever you feel nervous or an attack coming on will stop it in its track (swallowing reflex is calming [why people feel relaxed when smoking]). Hope it can work or help make it more bearable for him. ThreeLac is a probiotic that fights yeast – HUGE difference for me in ONE week! Then it took a few months to feel better. Then I hit a wall and it wasn’t until I saw a new Dr/MD that was slightly alternative I found more relief. I have the MTHFR gene so my body needs methylated B vitamins (Huge difference again). Metagenics Glycogenics are the best I’ve found – you can get them on Amazon or Medicap Pharmacy. I am not a diabetic but do have high normal blood sugar – right on the borderline and using Metformin completely “cured” my disorder to the highest level I’ve ever been. Hope some of these ideas help alleviate his attacks. There’s nothing worse and more isolating in the world…especially at that age of being with friends. I wish someone had told me half of these things at that age!!!!

  14. I am currently wanting to home school my two children. They are 3 and 5. I am currently enrolled in nursing school and graduate December of 2018. Being a single mom and going through nursing school and eventually being a nurse the majority of people say that I am nuts and that it isn’t possible. I have looked at My Father’s World and love it. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  15. I read this and literally cried! I have been praying about homeschooling my daughter for the past year! She is in the 4th grade and I am not pleased with the public school system here and to be quite frank, I do not want to pay the cost of a private school. I have been praying hard because it is a huge step out of my comfort zone but I know God will make a way and open doors! I am a full time RN working Monday-Friday and I was afraid that homeschooling HAD TO BE DONE in the morning/early evening. Reading these testimonies is a confirmation that I need to do what is best for my daughter! Thanks for this blessing of an article!!

  16. I am sure God led me to this website/blog. I am a single mom of 3 boys. I work full-time. My two youngest have been adopted from the foster system (11 year old not final yet). He is imploding in his current school (public, “special” boys school) has a large IEP and is way behind grade level from years of non-attendance and behavioral challenges as a result of a lifetime of trauma. I hear God calling me to home school but have no idea how He is going to make it work. Today I am pulling him from current school and praying for immediate solutions. Standing in faith, His power not mine.

  17. Heather, i so appreciate your posts on FB and your blog! We use MFW curriculum as well. I am SO thankful for it!. I work PART TIME, and can barely manage. We are currently in 1st grade and Pre-K. I work 3 hours a day as our Church secretary, and while at work, my kids spend that time with grandparents, who for the majority of the time will try to get them to do School work. Mainly worksheets, handwriting or reading practice. THey (the grandparents) don’t fully understand the whole “teachable moments” concept. Seems like everyone in our circles (including my husband sometimes) things that there has to be worksheets or some form of visible proof of work. That we aren’t doing “school” if we arent’ sitting at the table actively pouring over some paper or a book. I recently had a relative who is a public school teacher ask me how many hours a day i homeschooled. when i told her about 4 hours, she looked shocked. Which i totally get. She is in a classroom 9 hours a day or more. As a result of all this lately, i’ve been having doubts about myself and our homeschool.
    How any hours do you homeschool? My children both are super smart.. not just my opinion. We do a good bit of hands on and “learning on the go” or “teachable moments” … for instance while eating japanese on vacation, the chef twirled the spatula around his finger.. so we had a conversation about centrifugal force and inertia. Yes, my son is only 6 but math and science are his favorites and he soaks it up like a sponge… it wasn’t an indepth conversation, more of an explanation, because he asked “how did he do that?”…. so i gave him the appropriate answer… And typically… he retains this stuff!!! next week, when he is playing with his hotwheels, he will come and tell me how centrifugal force an inertia helped his car go around the big loop!… That is our typical week… but he HATES writing and HATES reading. we struggle with this.. so typically we spend only the time it takes to do the required work ( I make him write other things, besides the proverb. While i want him to learn scripture, he gets super frustrated trying to copy all the proverb, so we use that as a double wammy, practicing writing his full name, address or just numbers up to a certain number… Because we get the work done, it seems like our “lessons” dont’ take long. which works for my kids… but i try to find ways to reinforce what we are learning “in life”… I’m just doubting my ability and how well we are doing… i did the math assessment test recently to see which Singapore math we needed next year so i could go ahead an order it, and he failed it. Partly because we hadn’t covered some stuff yet (i know it’s still early, but i had to order it while i had the money) and partly because half way through he was “done” and just didn’t pay attention to what he was doing and just was flippant with it. I plan to give it to him again at the end of the year, but it was still a discouragement for ME… I try to be flexible, but i wonder am i tooo flexible. we have to be to a degree with work and church obligations.. and his hatred of all things reading and writing. i dont’ want him to hate school… and if we call it school he automatically wants to shut me out… but if its science or math, he is totally on board…. i know i sound like i’m rambling.. just the way my mind works these days.

    Thanks for Listening

    1. It takes longer teaching 20-30 kids than 1 or 2. Most homeschoolers of young age can be done in 2 hours!!! Then they have time to pursue their passions and hobbies which one day could turn into careers or side paying jobs! Don’t let the time get you at all. We don’t have to pass out papers and teach a million ways to different learning kids. I know how my kids learn best and teach it that way once and done! We are lucky that way…TED Ed has great learning videos they could watch at Grandparents place and Netflix and youtube have amazing documentaries. If your husband can “learn” from the news, so can kids learn from visual methods as well.

  18. Hi Heather,
    I have been wanting to home school my son for the longest time. He is now a 7th grader and we moved to what I thought was a better school district. It just so happens he has been bullied since the beginning of the year. I am the main source of income in my home and I’m concerned that I wont’ be able to home school him. He is a very bright young man (was in the honor roll for 3 years in a row until he started this school). I need lots of prayer and guidance as to how to go about home schooling him. Please help!


  19. I will be student teaching in the fall and finishing up classes towards my masters degree. We have been homeschooling for 7 years and this past year with my school schedule feel like a total failure. I’m worried that I don’t have the time to give them the time they deserve and need. I very seldom have the time to check their work now.

  20. Hi! I love this article. I work full time night shift at a hospital and homeschool my two boys 6 & 10. It can be overwhelming at times, but we love it and we make it work.
    I have one question.. I am wanting to purchase DVDs for my 10 year old to watch that has math lessons and workbooks. Do you have any suggestions? I’m looking for detailed math lessons, as math isn’t his strongest subject. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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