How to Create a Simple Weekly Routine

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Do you have a simple weekly routine?

Staying on top of daily chores and laundry helps us keep a handle on the housework. However it’s not all there is to keeping an organized household. Many chores need to be done on a weekly rather than a daily basis.

A weekly routine gives us a method of ensuring these chores don’t get forgotten. If you don’t have a weekly routine, it’s time to create one.

Create a personal weekly routine that fits neatly into your schedule

Create a Simple Weekly Routine

Figure out what chores need to be done weekly.

Do you need to wash the car, mow the lawn, pay the bills, clean the bathroom, or iron your shirts every week? In most households, sheets need to be changed, the house needs to be dusted, and floors need to be mopped weekly.

Do you enjoy making freezer meals or chopping vegetables ahead of time? What errands do you need to run every week? Grocery shopping and dropping by the bank are two errands most people need to do regularly.

Group the chores into types of tasks.

These tasks fall into categories: yard work, shopping and errands, cleaning the house, kitchen prep, paper work, or the catch-all miscellaneous.

Group the chores so you’ll be doing one type of job each day. Paying bills is paper work. Prepping freezer meals is kitchen prep. Mowing the lawn and washing the car falls under yard work. Anything that does not have a clear spot categorize as miscellaneous.

Decide on a day of the week for each task.

Our weeks have a flow to them. It’s easier to get bills paid on a day we’re at home and easier to run errands when we’re already out of the house. Look at your weekly schedule to determine the best day of the week for each task.

For instance you might prefer to play paper work and meal planning before you shop, and shop before you do kitchen prep. Perhaps paperwork is best done on Monday so you can shop on Tuesday and prep on Wednesday. Saturday is the traditional day for yard work, but you’re not obligated if another day works better for your family.

Spend some time thinking about the best flow for your weekly chores.

Write your weekly routine down and post it.

If you’re anything like me, just deciding on a routine won’t see that it gets done. The routine needs to be written down and posted. I like to type and print a simple schedule. Then I post it in my kitchen where I’ll see it every time I cook a meal.

Have you created your simple weekly routine yet?

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