Easy Ways to Free Up Cash for Summer Activities

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Do you want to have fun with your family this summer, but fall short on cash? Here are 10 easy ways to free up cash for summer fun.
Do you want to have fun with your family this summer, but fall short on cash? Here are 10 easy ways to free up cash for summer fun.

This summer while school is out, I know you will want to spend more time having fun with your family.

If you haven’t already created a “Summer Fun Fund,” you may be looking for some easy ways to free up cash.

Here are 10 ideas to help you do just that.

1. Use cash.

Debit/credit cards seem like magic money; instead, use cash in an envelope. Spending with cash makes you physically uncomfortable.

2. No matter what you’re buying, shop around.

Shop around, seek out the weekly special (i.e. go on a particular day), use a coupon, or ask if competitor coupons are accepted.

3. Go thrifting.

I have always shopped thrift stores, consignment stores, and end of season sales. I like to buy quality clothing without the high price. This is a life saver as the seasons and weather change.

4. Volunteer.

In the past, I have volunteered for organizations in order to get free or reduced membership or admission fees to events, museums, etc..

5. Conserve energy and bank the savings.

Reduce your energy consumption to lower the electric bill by trying to be more conscious of wasted energy like lights and electrical devices on when no one is using them.

6. Temporarily cancel.

Suspend your cable and/or internet for the summer. You can still watch Netflix, Hulu, rent from Redbox, or borrow movies from the library.

7. Gas up at a discount.

Gas up at wholesale clubs and grocery stores.  They often offer lower prices than other stations as a perk of being a member or loyal customer.

8. Stretch your budget at the grocery store.

I stick to a strict grocery budget, shop sales, buy markdowns, and use coupons.

9. Reuse gently used items.

I ask family and friends with older children for their clothing when their child outgrows it, shop at thrift stores, shop at consignment stores, and buy clothing from national retailers at the end of the season (1-2 sizes bigger for the next season).

10. Be strategic.

Give up having a lot cheap conveniences in exchange for a few high-quality indulgences.

There you have it. 10 easy ways to free up extra cash to find your Summer fun.

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