Budget-Friendly Family Vacations

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It’s almost that time of year…Summer! And with summer comes the desire to get away and spend a bit of time as a family. When you start doing the math, though, you probably realize how expensive taking your family out-of-town can be. I don’t know about you, but that expense doesn’t always fit in our budget, so I’ve done a bit of creative thinking. The key to be able to enjoy a memorable family trip without busting your budget is to choose a budget-friendly vacation option, and I have several for you! If you want to get a bit of time “away” with your family, consider enjoying one of these budget-friendly vacation options together!

6 fun ideas for a budget-friendly family vacation. Money or time ruining your vacation? Enjoy one of these family vacation ideas and save on time and money!

Family Vacation Options That Are Easy on the Budget

If you’ve skipped out on vacation for the last several years because of cost, don’t do it this year. You and your family can enjoy a memorable summer vacation without breaking the budget. You just have to be a bit creative. Check out these option and choose one that works for you.

1. Go Camping

A camping trip is one of the best family vacations on a budget. You can find campgrounds almost anywhere, but they will range in price per night. Do a little shopping around to find a site that fits in your budget. If you don’t have your own camping gear, borrow from a friend or family member. And don’t forget the s’mores makings! There is nothing like making memories around the campfire while munching on an ooey, gooey s’more.

2. Enjoy a Staycation

Okay, so this one isn’t necessarily a “trip,” but you can certainly make memories staying home. The key here is to set aside the time to spend as a family. Once you’ve figured out your time frame, look for inexpensive or free activities to do in your area. Going to the park, visiting a local museum, completing a fun art project, or even just playing outside at home are great ways to make memories this summer!

3. Set Out On a Family Adventure

Plan a family adventure at one of your state parks. There are always tons of free or low-cost things to do at these parks. Hiking, fishing, boating…the list goes on and on. You have the option of staying in a small cabin if that fits in your budget, or you can again camp or look for an inexpensive hotel reservation.

4. Vacation with Friends or Family

Obviously with this option, you’ll be subject to your friends’ or family’s schedules as well, but it’s still a great option. The great thing with this vacation option is that you could have a variety of different locations to visit depending on where your friends and family live. Work with one of your friends or family members to determine if they are available for a visit this summer. Plan a time that works for both of you and enjoy some time with your family in a different city or state.

5. Lounge on the Beach

You probably thought a beach vacation was off the list when considering a budget-friendly vacation, but it’s not. You just have to consider where you stay and when you go. If you can fit in a trip early in June, you can still take advantage of “off-season” pricing, so you’ll save a bundle on accommodations. If that time frame doesn’t work, be willing to stay a couple of rows back from the ocean. You’ll still get to enjoy the water and the view, but you won’t have to pay the high price tag.

6. Visit a Historical Monument

Visiting a historical monument or site is a great way to get in a vacation and a little education. Look for options that are free or relatively low cost and within a reasonable drive of your area. Take a picnic lunch, and you’ll save all kinds of money.

Remember, you can enjoy a nice family vacation without breaking your budget. Consider these unique family-oriented vacations and enjoy a bit of time away. Make memories this summer with these budget-friendly vacation ideas!

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