7 Things Good Homeschool Moms Never Do

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What are some things you should NEVER do as a Homeschool Mom?

We are right in the middle of our fifth year of homeschooling. In some ways it still seems like we just started yesterday, and it other ways it feels like I should have graduated ten kids by now. I can probably sum up our entire homeschooling journey in two words: learning experience. Not just for the children either. Oh no, each and every day, I’m learning something new too. I’m still learning what works for us and what doesn’t….and then just when I think I have it figured out, it all changes again. You’re nodding your head because you know it’s true. Throughout these five years, I’ve had days when I could have won the Homeschool Mom of the Year award…and I’ve had even more days that throw me into the worst homeschooling mom ever category. Through it all though, I’ve found that there are a few things that good homeschool moms just do not ever do. I thought I could save you a few of those “worst homeschooling mom eve”r days and share these seven tips with you.

Good homeschool moms don’t….

  1. Compare themselves to other homeschooling moms or their children to other children. Just don’t do it. Your family dynamic, your children, and your homeschool is unique– just the way God created it to be. If he wanted your homeschool to look like “that super mom from co-op”, then he would have given you her children and her family and her situation, but He didn’t. He knew just what He was doing when he called you to be a homeschool mom. Trust that He will continue to guide you in the life He created for you…and only you.
  2. Participate in the Homeschool Mommy Wars. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched homeschool moms interact with other homeschool moms and it’s constant competition. “My kid learned long division at 4 years old.” “Oh yeah? Well, my kid came out of the womb reading.” I’ve seen these types of conversations RUIN homeschools. Homeschool moms need healthy community. Be a light in the darkness to fellow homeschooling moms.
  3. Think they can do it all. A good homeschool mom will tell you she isn’t Super Woman. She knows her limitations. She knows the limitations of her family. She knows when to say no. She understands that homeschooling is a priority and that sometimes means turning down seemingly “good” opportunities.
  4. Stop praying! Enough said.
  5. Freak out over the little things. So you’re a couple weeks behind schedule? You’ll make it up. Life happens and you have to change your homeschooling schedule? No big deal. Flexibility is key and good homeschooling moms know this.
  6. Run out of coffee/chocolate. What is your one little indulgence that gets you through the stressful days? The if I have to explain this concept one.more.time. days? Whatever it is, don’t run out. Ever. Your kids will thank you.
  7. Give up...Good homeschooling moms never ever give up. Even on the bad days. Even when your 9 year old still isn’t reading fluently. Even when you have to drag yourself to the table in the morning. Even when every fiber of your being wants to shut down. You keep going because this is what you were created to do…and no one, NO ONE, can do it as well as you.

What else would you add to this list?



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  1. Great list! My personal favorite-coffee and chocolate.

  2. Love it! It is so easy to get caught up in what other families do, but in reality, it should be all about your own family’s journey. Thanks for sharing.

  3. As a new homeschooling mom it has been so comforting to me to talk to other homeschooling moms/parents. Thank you for all the reassurance.

  4. Ahhhh just what I needed go read! My 9 year old I’d a struggling reader. Great post!

  5. Heather, thank you for this post! That is so very encouraging. I especially loved your alluding to comparisons and failures when your 9 year old isn’t reading proficiently. Only in my case, it’s my 11 year old. Lol! As you say, it’s so important not to give up and to be flexible. Apart from all the great truths you posted, I’d add: Never forget to rejoice in the little victories. Because it’s those little wins that help get you through the endless slew of trials.

  6. Wow…. I SO needed to see #7. I have been so ready to give up this year. I have homeschooled all my kids from the start and my son (oldest) will be going into 7th grade next year. I feel all the time like I’ve failed him because of the areas he’s struggling and I am just about ready to sign him up for public school next year. I don’t want to give up, but I am just so tired some days… most days actually.

  7. Absolutely yes on all of these!! My survival kit contains tea (hot and iced), roasted and salted almonds (a recently new obsession) and dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

  8. This is great! Simply and perfectly said. Truth! lol. Thanks for posting!

  9. I would add – ignore others’ comments like “I would never homeschool my kids because I have high expectations of them” or “Do you work at all, or are you just a stay-at-home Mom?”…… I literally laugh out loud (not in front of the person who says it, of course!). 🙂

  10. My biggest mistake was EXPECTING TOO MUCH from my kids!! I stressed about what my son was or wasn’t learning, and he felt alllll of that tension. Homeschool is supposed to be FUN! And I was NOT fun! But thank God, I got my ducks in a row, and now my kids and I love school so much, we pull out all of my printables on nights and weekends for FUN! They love going through my box of activities! Check out my blog sometime and see what fun we really have now!!

  11. Have homeschooled 7 kids; three are adults and one of those is headed to med school next year and the other is in 3rd year of college. The one in 3rd year of college did not figure out reading until the beginning of 4th grade. I felt I was failing him, especially since the first two learned to read at age 6. He eventually began to pick up and read high school books and has been on the dean’s list for these three years. So never ever compare your children to each other! Put the books away if necessary and let them play outside, build with Legos, and just enjoy being a kid. When the time is right, it will click. My younger 4 are all in high school and I can’t believe how the time has raced by. My mom used to tell me “these are the best days of your life as a mom” and I couldn’t see the wisdom, for all the dirty diapers around me. But she was right. Time with our precious children is fleeting. Build character, teach integrity and as Elizabeth Elliot used to say, “Do the next thing.” That mantra got me through a lot of rough days! In all of this, give glory to God.

    1. This is excellent, Marie. Thank-you, a year+ later !

  12. Being a first year homeschool mom, I am running into the burnout phase, I think. I’m also starting to wonder if I should switch curricula. I haven’t found any local homeschool groups to meet with except a very, very small one at the local library. They only meet once a month though. 🙁

    I am wondering if I’m in over my head, but for us public school is not an option. I am completely at odds with the nonsense they call common core that has been forced on public school students.

  13. Thank you…I really needed to read this.

    1. You’re very welcome!! 🙂 I need to remind myself often as well!

  14. I’m adding… 8 telling other moms they should follow Charlette mason. I seems to me people feel it is a must to wait till 5 or 6 to start. some of us follow the elite way of starting a birth. so yah the kid reads at 3 or 4 and is doing 1st grade math at 4. we are not mean. realy my kid loves it. it is ok. so don’t try to guilt us because we don’t think waiting is good. I know one mo her son did 1st at 4 and 2nd at 5 he is 7 now and going strong forward. his little siter now is doing prek K type work. she just wasn’t interested when youger. so mom smartly went with each kid as they needed.it realy is ok

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