How To Simplify A Minimalist Lifestyle

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Simplify, just jump in!

I have been on a journey to simplify our life over the last few years. It started when I first came across blogs and websites promoting the minimalist lifestyle. I had just lost one of my children as a newborn and I was feeling the need to start life fresh. I researched and read as much as I could about living a minimalist lifestyle. The desire to stop depending on things, stuff, and commercialism was very appealing and just what I needed to help me through my grieving process. So, I jumped in head first, bringing my husband and kids along for the ride, too.

When Simple Is Complicated.

Before long, I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the restrictions, organizing, DIYing, and constant purging that I felt was required to be more self-sufficient as a minimalist. I simply did not have the natural DIY talent that seemed to be so important. I was getting overwhelmed. I soon felt like giving up. I felt like a complete failure, since I was not achieving what I had decided it meant to be a successful homemaker.

How To Simplify A Minimalist Lifestyle

It Takes Time.

I realized through that experience, that becoming self-sufficient and a minimalist does not happen overnight or even in a few months. Especially if you desire a lifestyle change that will stick around for, well, life. So, I took a step back and really thought about what was important in our life. I decided to take one tiny step at a time towards our goal of living with less.

Some of what has happened in the last few years has been out of my control, such as having my husband‘s income cut in half, losing our custom home to foreclosure, and moving into a tiny rental home on a small city lot. It has all been part of the growing and learning process of becoming a family that lives on, and is truly happy with, less than the average American family.

How To Simplify

I learned that how to  simplify a minimalist lifestyle is by doing it one tiny step at a time. Conquering one tiny obstacle at a time. For me and my family, this has meant learning to cut costs wherever possible, cooking allergy-safe foods from scratch, making homemade body & home care products for our sensitive skin, and slowly getting rid of stuff we don’t need or love so that we fit comfortably in our small home.

All of this has naturally lead us to live a minimalist lifestyle over the course of a few years. I continue to add more goals and skills to master onto my to-do list, but I no longer expect to learn it and do it all, right now. After all, a minimalist lifestyle is meant to take place over a lifetime and bring about a sense of peace and contentment.
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