Why You Must Define Frugal Living for Your Family

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Frugal living is usually defined as living well for less.

But what does that mean for YOUR family?



Frugal living is something that many families aspire for, yet they may not take the time to layout a solid path to reaching their goals.

Here are three things to consider as your family begins its frugal living journey.


In order to sustain any sort of lifestyle change, you need to set out your goal. Do you have a specific dollar amount you want to save for the long term to buy a home? Is there an amount you would like to save each month in order to get you there? State your ultimate goal.


Why are you going down the path of frugal living? Why is it that you want to minimize your expenses? Is it so that you don’t have to earn a large income? Is it so that you can be a stay at home mom and your family can survive on one income? Decide why this way of living is important for your family.


Will you make your own homemade food, cleaning supplies, and adopt a homesteading lifestyle? Or, will you maintain a simple wardrobe, limit your spending, or heavily use coupons at the grocery store? Outline exactly what you will and will not do.


Who is on your team?  Is it just you as the primarily grocery shopper, bill payer, and home manager? Or, will you ask your family to help you curb expenses, get creative,  and use what you have? Assign each member a spot on the team and hand out assignments.

In order to ensure you meet your long term success, reassess your goals, why, methods, and team every few months.

If something is not working, change it. If something works well, see if you can apply that success to another area.

What other tips do you have to sustain a successful frugal living lifestyle?

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