How To Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons

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Lots of things can eat up your monthly budget, like utility costs and monthly expenses. Aside from those, though, grocery shopping is probably the highest expense on your list. So, have you been wondering how to save money on your grocery spending? The good news is even if you’re not a couponer, you can still save money each month. Quit asking how to save money and start doing it with these simple grocery shopping tips.

6 easy ways for how to save money on groceries even if you're not a couponer. Use these tips to make the most of your grocery budget!

The Simplest Ways to Save Money on Groceries

I understand that a lot of people do really well with coupons, but that’s just not me. I try to factor time into my “expense” calculations, and if I’m trying to coupon, I end up spending way more time trying to find good coupons to use than I actually end up saving. If you’re like me and need a few other ways to save that don’t necessarily include scouring the internet and weekly paper for coupons, give these ideas a try.

1. Make a Meal Plan

Meal planning has literally been a lifesaver for me. Not only does it make it easier in the evening when thing might otherwise get a little hairy, it also saves us money. Before you ever step foot inside a grocery store, make a meal plan for the week (or month) and write out your list. This single step alone will help you avoid impulse purchases and save you a bundle!

2. Plan for Leftovers

Another way I stretch our grocery budget is by planning for leftovers. In fact, at least 1 to 2 times a week we enjoy leftovers as an actual meal. And, no, I don’t mean we just scrounge around the refrigerator until we come up with something to munch on. When I make my meal plan, I make sure to select meals that will last us at least two meals. This way, I can buy and cook “in bulk.” I save time and money by creating meals that last us for more than one sitting. Using the crockpot is one of my favorite ways I stretch our budget and meal plan.

3. Do a Price Comparison

If you’re going to save money, you need to know what things cost. So, take a few hours and do a little cost comparison. Make a list of the things you most frequently purchase and stop by a few of your closest or favorite stores to see what those things cost at different places. Keep this in a notebook or binder, so you can reference it and update it as needed. Once you’ve created your price comparison list, you’ll be able to purchase the majority of your grocery necessities at the best possible price.

4. Try a Different Store

I know it’s easy to get sucked into convenience, especially when it comes to grocery shopping, but that won’t save you money. Explore your area and look for a stores to try that have discounted prices on quality products. I can’t say it enough. I love our local Aldi. Often, I’m able to get nearly everything on our grocery list at this one location, and it saves me money. That’s a win-win. Don’t have an Aldi in your area? Look for other stores that advertise discounted prices, and give it a try. You can always switch back if you’re not satisfied with the quality or variety of the products.

5. Take Advantage of Sales

Another great way to save is watching for sale items. Is there a sale on a product your family uses every week? Go ahead and stock up as long as the product has a long shelf life or you can freeze it. This practice alone can potentially cut your grocery spending by half.

6. Buy in Bulk

Much like you can save by bulking up on sales items, you can also add some additional money savings to your cart by buying certain items in bulk on a regular basis. Many products like meat, rice, and pasta are offered at deeply discounted prices when you buy them in larger quantities. So, be sure to check the unit prices on items, and bulk up a little to save a lot. Remember, you can always freeze meat and store dry products in the pantry.

See, you really can save money without clipping coupons. I use these strategies every week, and I’m able to keep our weekly grocery budget at just under $50 for two adults. Give it a try and see how much you can save! I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

Do you have any tips for how to save money on groceries?

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