DIY Jean Rag Wreath

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I absolutely LOVE spring decor, but it can get really expensive trying to decorate a home. From garlands to throw pillows, spring just begs for new, fresh decor.

Needless to say I’m a big fan of repurposing. I love to find new and creative ways to use items that I already have in my home. So this year, as I was doing my spring cleaning, I decided to “repurpose” some of my old, ripped, faded jeans.

I couldn’t quite decide on how to repurpose them, so I just decided to start cutting them up. Then an idea hit me: let’s make a rag wreath!

Rag wreaths can be made from pretty much any rag. Just find the colors you like, cut, and tie. It’s all very simple, very frugal, and also very beautiful.

Mine was just about as simple as you can get, but if inspiration strikes, you can always go above and beyond.

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What you’ll need

  • 1-2 pairs of jeans (depending on your size and the size of your wreath frame)
  • Silk flowers (I chose white for early spring, but my second choice would be some yellow forsythia garlands)
  • 4 wire metal wreath form
  • Scissors
  • Time (this will take you 1-2 hours)


1. Start with the legs of your jeans and cut them into strips. I discarded the worn parts at the bottoms of my jeans.


2. Cut those strips in two by cutting off the seams (then you’ll be left with only jean strips and no bulky seams to deal with)


3. Keep going until all your strips of fabric are between 5-7 inches long. You can also cut some strips from the top part of your jeans, but it’s a lot more time consuming to get just the jean fabric out. (Note: length doesn’t really matter because you can always “trim” your wreath at the end)


4. Now the tedious part begins: the tying. Begin by tying your jean strips into knots on the wires. I started with the top and worked my way down.


5. Repeat that step over and over until you have finished your wreath. As I finished each section, I smoothed out the pieces and gave it a little “fluff”.


6. Attach your silk flowers using their wires. I didn’t have much wire to work with, so I used some of the jean strips to “tie” my flowers into the wreath.



Now, while your working it may seem like your wreath isn’t going to amount to anything. There were several points when I thought about throwing in the towel (literally!), but don’t give up! This is a project that takes time to shape correctly, so keep going!

Another upside to making this wreath is that you can make it last all summer! You can do yellow/white flowers for spring, pink ribbons for Mother’s day, and then swap those with some American Flags for the Fourth of July.

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