Save Time and Money by Grocery Shopping on Amazon!

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Save Time and Money by Grocery Shopping on Amazon!

As a busy work at home rural mom, my two biggest challenges are time and money. Especially when it comes to the necessities. Taking time to go to the store is hard enough, but our local stores are very expensive and have a very limited selection. It’s nearly an hour drive each way to get to a store with good, healthy options. By the time I showered, got the kids ready, got properly dressed (okay- just acceptably dressed), and packed everyone up, it could easily be a half day trip, if I’m lucky.

Thankfully, Amazon has expanded two programs in recent years that have been a tremendous time and money saver for us. They seem a little overwhelming at first, but I’m so passionate about them that I have Facebook groups dedicated to finding the best deals in each. I post dozens of the best deals each day. They are all cheaper than stores, and in many cases, 75%-90% off of discount store prices. The groups also provide step by step tutorials and videos to help you understand how to use the programs.

Yes, I’m telling you that you can buy most of your non-perishable and household items for less than the stores and they are delivered straight to your door, no matter where you live. Did I mention that they take coupons, which sometimes leaves items as low as $0.00. That’s FREE!

Some of our favorite recent deals were:

  • 37¢ Secret deodorant
  • $8 5lb bags of gourmet coffee
  • 14¢ 4-pack of Herbal Essences hair gel
  • 85¢ boxes of Belvita Biscuits (commercial pack)
  • 88¢ 4-pack of Campbell’s soups

The two programs are Amazon Subscribe and Save and Prime Pantry. Each program operates differently, but many use both to increase their selection and savings.

Amazon Subscribe and Save is a service that allows you to order in both bulk and individual quantities. Shipping is free for everyone. To order, you’ll create a ‘subscription’ (which can be canceled with one click at any time) and your items are all delivered once a month. You’re not required to keep the subscription and can even cancel it before it ships if you change your mind.

Users love the service because they can add items to their order all month and watch for the best prices. Prices fluctuate often, so we pick the best ones we see to post. We even offer a FREE texting program with the FREE Subscribe and Save Facebook group so that you can order the best deals with one click from your phone.

Amazon Prime Pantry is a service that’s only available to members of Amazon Prime. There is a $5.99 shipping fee, but there are often free shipping promotions. With Prime Pantry, you are given a box that holds 45 lbs and each item is posted with a percentage of the box that it fills. There is no minimum weight to ship, but you cannot exceed 45 lbs per box. Prime Pantry boxes arrive in 1-4 days from order date, instead of the monthly delivery date provided with Subscribe and Save.

With such a wide selection of products, both services are a great way to have many of your groceries and household items delivered straight to your door at prices you’ll never find in-store.

We would LOVE to have you join our Facebook groups so that we can maximize your savings and teach you the basics of the programs. They are completely free, so there’s no risk in giving it a shot! There’s even a gigantic recap file of all of the previous deals.

Subscribe and Save Facebook Group

Prime Pantry Facebook Group

Alicia Myers is a busy mom of three who thrives on a budget . When she’s not spending time teaching others how to save money or start a home business, she’s tending to her farm. You can catch her at The Sensible Family and Extreme Christmas Savings. You’ll also find her posting Amazon deals every day in the Facebook groups outlined in this post

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