Let's Learn About Verbs

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A verb is a word that

does an action,

shows a state of being,

links two words together,

or helps another verb.

~ Susan Wise Bauer in First Language Lessons

This is a chant Emma learned in about the second grade. She still chants it today – in the sixth grade – when asked to define a verb. It’s catchy enough that little ones can memorize it as they begin learning about verbs.

Learn about verbs

 This fun unit study will help your little ones become more familiar with action verbs. Inside this fun printable, you will find the following activities:

  • A verb “chant” chart
  • Action cards – Have students color them, or print them on colored paper. Hold up a card, and have your child act out the action.
  • Word search
  • Writing prompts

>>Download your free printable here.<<

In addition to this frun freebie, your little learners will enjoy these activities as well:

Books About Verbs | mamagoesfrugal.com

Books for Teaching About Verbs:

What is your favorite way to teach little ones about verbs?

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