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How To Keep Diapers & Wipes Organized For Easy Access

I have been a mom for 10 years now and I have spent almost all of the last decade with at least 2 children in diapers. In fact, I currently have 4 in diapers! Their ages are 8-months, 18-months, 23-months, and 8-years-old. My 8-year-old is severely developmentally delayed with a debilitating condition, which means I have many, MANY years of diaper-changing ahead of me. Organizing and simplifying my diaper-changing station has been a must!

I needed a storage system that streamlined my diaper-changing, making it take less time. My time is precious as I mother my blessings. It is important to me to be as efficient as possible with the not-so-fun-but-must-get-done tasks of motherhood, so that I can enjoy my children to the fullest.

Needless to say, I have had many years and many diaper-changing experiences that have brought me to a practical solution to keep diapers and wipes organized for easy access! It has saved me time and simplified my life. There are a few steps you should think through to determine the best solution for you and your lifestyle.

Central Location

Where do you spend most of your time while at home? For me, the living room is where most of our living takes place. It is central to all other areas of our house. It is also the largest room in our house, making it the best place for our diapers and wipes storage. It is most practical for me to change my babies here, without going to another room, since diaper-changing takes up many minutes of my day. The exception would be for when we have company over and I take the child to another room for diaper changes. In those cases, having a portable diaper/wipes basket makes is easy to take everything I need to another room for privacy.

Choosing Storage Basket

Consider the style and colors of the décor in the room you would like to have your changing-station. When choosing your storage box or basket, think of size and style. Will it fit your baby wipes container? Will it stand out like a sore thumb? You will want to choose something that is easy on the eyes, so that it does not scream “diapers and wipes live here!”. I have chosen a simple, cream basket that is about 10×12 inches at the widest. It has lasted many years with a lot of use. It houses my baby wipes container perfectly (an old container I refill as needed) and several diapers in 3 different sizes. It also has some diaper rash salve and a few combs and “hair pretties” that I use to do my girls’ hair. I found it is much easier to do my girls’ hair out in the living room in between the other duties of my day. When my babies are newborns, I also keep my nursing pads in this basket.


Create a System

I buy diapers and baby wipes in bulk once a month and store them under my girls’ bed. Every morning, or as needed, I take out several diapers to bring to my “diaper basket” and refill the baby wipes container when needed. In this way, the not-so-pretty diaper and wipes boxes are hidden out of sight, while keeping the items I need within easy reach. This has worked wonderfully for us. One trip to the bedroom to collect the items I need for the day, is much simpler then several trips all day!

Make a Space

Choose a space just for your diaper basket. I store ours on one of our over-sized end tables. It is next to the couch I most often sit on. It is easy for my “big kids” to reach, so that they can fetch it for me when I need them to. When choosing where to set your diaper basket, you will want to consider where you most often sit to relax (there is nothing worse than finally sitting down for a few minutes, only to realize your kiddo needs a diaper change) and keep it within easy reach. If possible, keep it out of reach of curious toddlers and infants learning to pull themselves up to furniture.

My diaper basket is very practical, yet is actually an extension of my sense of style and creativity. Let your creative side show while keeping your diapers and baby wipes organized!

my diaper basket

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  1. I love using baskets for storage as well. And when I had little ones, it was very helpful to have diapers in stations all over the house so I wasn’t constantly running back and forth to change babies. 🙂

  2. I have always loved the idea of having a wonderfully organized diaper basket that I could move from room to room. Of course, I never could get organized enough while I was dealing with multiples in diapers. Now I only have one child in diapers and it doesn’t seem as pressing because diapers aren’t taking over my life anymore. Kudos to you for staying organized with lots of kids in diapers!

  3. I do this at my house. It is a wonderful idea.

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