Frugal Use-it-up Breakfast Burritos

Frugal Use-it-up Breakfast Burritos

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We very rarely have leftovers in our house, but occasionally there’s a perfect storm of free time and smaller portions of ingredients in the fridge. When this happens, we make a ton of use-it-up breakfast burritos for the freezer.

The beauty of this frugal recipe is that you can adapt it for your own food preferences, save yourself from finding bags in your refrigerator later with three rotting beans and some slimy spinach, and make food ahead that you can just reheat while you’re still staggering around with a coffee cup in your hand.

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You will absolutely need:
-Eggs, egg substitute, tofu or refried beans, the equivalent of 2 dozen
-Tortillas of some kind – gluten free, corn, wheat…whatever you can find, about 20 large

tortillas for frugal breakfast burritos

Cook up your eggs, tofu or refried beans, and then you can mix in anything that floats your boat.

Grated cheese? Check.

grated cheese in frugal breafast burritos

Salsa? check.

salsa in frugal breakfast burritos

Cooked, chopped up sausage? Check.

chopped sausage in frugal breakfast burritos

What else? Seriously, anything that sounds good. Off the top of my head, I have made them with black beans, kidney beans, spinach, peas, leftover baked potato, onions, green chiles, parmesan cheese, tsatziki, leftover pasta sauce, and leftover curry. You really can’t go wrong, unless you decide to add something really bizarre like oranges. Add whatever seasoning you want, depending on what you’re using.

When it’s all mixed together, measure out about half a cup onto your burrito, fold the two ends in, and roll it sideways the other way fairly tightly. Wrap them individually and freeze.

A note about the wrapping: If you plan to microwave them you’ll want plastic wrap; if you plan to reheat them in the oven, wrap them in foil.

To reheat them, you can stick them in the crockpot on low and still in their foil, put them in the oven at about 375 for half an hour (check after 20 mins), or nuke them for a minute or two (wear oven gloves to take off the plastic wrap afterwards).

What do you put into your breakfast burritos?

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