DIY Lime Kitchen Spray

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This time of year, limes are so cheap! I just found a bag of limes for $.99 at my local grocery store and knew I had to make something with them.

When I finished making my recipes, the smell of lime still lingered in my kitchen and I wished it could smell like that all the time! Just when I was getting ready to dump the rinds, an idea struck me!

Why not give the rinds a purpose and make an all natural cleaner with them?! I’ve done this with lemons and oranges several times, and it always works very well for me. We usually use vinegar in our kitchen because it is extremely effective at cleaning messes, dirt, and even germs. Plus, it is extremely cheap!

This recipe is super quick, super easy, and works wonderfully. The best part – just three ingredients! In total, this recipe cost me $1.25. Now I call that a win!

If you don’t have limes, you can substitute any citrus rind and the recipe will work the same.

Lime Cleaner


  • White vinegar (kills bacteria and mold effectively)
  • Lime rinds (from 1-2 limes)
  • Lime essential oil (antibacterial, antiviral, and just smells amazing!)


1. Cut up your lime rinds into quarters. Rinse them out as best as you can, trying to get the most pulp out as possible. (Too much pulp will clog your sprayer)


2. Cut  your lime rinds into thin strips. The more, the better as it allows the lime rind to release its juice more easily.



3. Add the lime rinds to your bottle. You should have enough to fill your bottle halfway.


4. Fill the bottle with vinegar. Shake well.


5. Add a few drops of lime essential oil for an even more potent scent.


6. Let the bottle sit for a few hours. It will be ready to use. The longer this recipe sits, the more strong the scent becomes.

That’s it! Simple, fast, yet effective against germs and grime. It gives you the feeling of summer, even in the middle of winter. Not to mention that it is safe and chemical free.

You can feel good about using this cleaner!

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  1. Love the smell of lime! I may need to give this one a try. Thank you so much for sharing on VMG206 Brag About It.

  2. I bet this does smell amazing! I think I will make some. Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I love the look of this. Lime is one of my favourite scents and this looks like a fab little household helper x

  4. Sounds amazing! I love the smell of limes! Thanks for sharing with Idea Box link party!

  5. I. Am. So. Stealing. This. I’m obsessed with lime and with the cleanliness of vinegar, but it never dawned on me I could do this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’d like to try something like this in the future, more for the natural, chemical free side of things, but being cheap is definitely a bonus!

  7. Thank you for this lovely DIY cleaning post! You have been featured on Mama’s Happy Hive. Thank you for linking up with “A Little Bird Told Me” Wednesday link party. 🙂

  8. What a great cheap idea, I love the smell of limes too, much better than chemical smells. Thanks for linking up with #Fabulously frugal

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