Why Giving a Massage is the Most Romantic Thing You Can Do This Valentine’s Day

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It’s always a tough job to impress on Valentine’s Day. The day has so much build up, so much romance, so much expectation that it can often fall short. One of the biggest complaints about Valentine’s Day is that it’s too commercialized, overpriced, and too forced. Why should we be told when to be romantic towards our partners? Isn’t every day for that?


But it’s hard to let this holiday go by without acknowledging it in some way or another. Which is why it’s best to stay away from the crowds on Valentine’s Day and do something utterly romantic and deeply thoughtful for your spouse at home instead. And it’s a bonus that you don’t have to organize a babysitter!

Handwritten love letters, home-baked chocolate treats and candlelit dinners are all possibilities on the agenda, but we really have to agree with our friends Denis and Emma at Melt: Massage for Couples when they say that giving your spouse a massage is by far the most romantic way to spend this Valentine’s Night (and the night after that… and the night after that…)

Make this Valentines the Best Yet


Here’s 5 reasons I love giving the gift of massage to your spouse this February 14th:

1. It’s away from the crowds

You’re in the comfort of your own home where it’s not forced, cheesy or awkward (like sitting in a restaurant full of tables for two) to be “doing romance” when everyone else is too. Better yet, you don’t need to organize a babysitter if you have children (overpriced on Valentine’s Day, just like the roses) – just wait until they go to bed and then head to the living room to start your date night.

2. You can get your hands all over each other

You will quite literally have your hands all over each other’s bodies in a very intimate way. Learning to massage means that you’ll be touching your partner in a way you never have before. It’s romantic, sensual and the perfect date night for any marriage.

3. You can keep the romance going

Learning to massage is the gift that keeps on giving. The Melt: Massage for Couples video tutorials are split into three sessions – so you can do them over three separate date nights, and go back to them anytime you want a refresher. You get lifetime access to the videos and you can watch them as many times as you like. So you CAN be romantic any other day of the year too.

4. The ambiance is pure romance

The best environment for a couples massage includes dim lighting, chilled music, a floor full of comfortable pillows and maybe even some food and wine. If all that doesn’t add up to a romantic night in for two, I don’t know what does!

5. It’s a selfless, giving act

Giving your partner a massage without expecting one in return is a truly beautiful gift for them. For just one night, let them relax while you soothe away the stress from their aching muscles and make them feel totally pampered. Watch them glow when you’re done and tell me that’s not love.


A few bonus reasons why I love the Melt: Massage for Couples Video Series:

  •  Denis and Emma, the co-founders of Melt, are a real life married couple who designed Melt especially for enhancing relationships. They’ve been teaching couples since 2006! Denis is an expert at massage therapist 14 years of experience.
  •  You’ll learn in privacy at home and you get instant access – no waiting for DVDs in the post.
  •  It’s classy and sophisticated. There’s no nudity or awkward moments. It’s family safe.
  •  You’ll be doing something fun together; the techniques are simple and so easy that you’ll be giving your spouse a basic little massage routine after only 20 minutes of learning, and without a sore thumb in sight.
  •  It’s great night in for two and something you can do when the kids go to sleep – perfect for Valentine’s Day or any date night.
  •  Gift vouchers are available so you can print it off and wrap it up with massage oil and a scented candle for a great Valentine’s Day present.

Preview the Massage Videos Here – you’ll love them!

20% OFF sale till Feb 10! Only $79

Melt is a 3-part series. Do the first part for Valentine’ Day and save the other two for date night!

That works out to less than $30 per date night! Cheaper than a night at the movies. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Pick up some good quality massage oil from the drugstore and you’ve got one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas ever. Gift vouchers are also available. Go to Melt: Massage for Couples for more info.




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