7 Key Sections for Your Household Binder

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If you run a household or home, you need a household binder. It holds all the loose information children bring home from school, co-ops, and activities. It also holds household routines and contact information.

Just think, no more scouring the house for that piece of paper with Aunt Jenny’s phone number one it. Instead it’s in your household binder under contacts.

7 key sections for your household binder

What to Put in a Household Binder

Household binders mold to the needs of your family. One family may need a special section for drama because every child in their large family acts in the local drama troupe. Another family may need a special section for music, or soccer, or dance. Just roll with your family’s needs.

That being said, there are several key sections everyone needs in their binder.

Routines: Keep your family’s daily, weekly, and monthly routines in the binder. What needs to be done every morning and evening? When does the kitchen get mopped? Write it down and stick it in your household binder.

Calendar: Where do you keep the family’s calendar? On the computer or on the fridge? If you don’t have an assigned spot, put one into your household binder. Train your family to use it.

As I tell my teens, “If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist.” A missed get-together or two, and they’re diligent about putting their events on the calendar!

Menus and recipes: Does your family have a favorite meal or two? Do you have recipes wandering the kitchen looking for a home? Gather them together and put them into the household binder under menus and recipes.

Activities: We end up collecting a lot of information about the various activities my family is involved in. These loose papers, such as rosters and schedules, need to be nearby. But I’ve noticed they tend to wander the house gradually getting lost among the recipes my family collects.

Search them out and just stick them in the activity section. Later you can go back and organize them, but for now…. they have a HOME!

Emergency numbers: These are numbers you don’t want to be searching for in an emergency. Write down the numbers for poison control, the doctor, the dentist, and the plumber. Why the plumber? Because when the toilet is plugged or a pipe bursts in the basement, you don’t want to be searching for the number.

Contact information: I like to keep all contact information at the back of the binder. It’s easy to find when I want to call my sister or a friend. The papers don’t even need to be well sorted, just gathered together in one spot. It’s easier to thumb through a section of the household binder than to search the house.

Fun stuff: Keep a section for fun stuff your family likes to do. This can be a list of movies you want to watch, books to read aloud, or even vacations you’re eager to take.

Other handy sections you might consider for your household binder are babysitting information, school or homeschool section, and ideas for household projects.

Do you have a household binder? If not, go get one!

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