10 Fun and Frugal Dates for Valentine’s Day

10 Fun and Frugal Dates for Valentine’s Day

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Dating keeps the spark alive, but it can get expensive. Choose one of these fun and frugal dates to celebrate Valentine's Day or any night of the year!Before my husband and I ever got married, we made a pact that we would always date. Dating is the perfect way to keep the spark alive in any relationship. Sure, we enjoy trying new restaurants, watching a good movie, and splurging on a yummy dessert as much as the next couple. But, none of these things really fits into our focus on frugal living, and I certainly wouldn’t consider any of them “frugal date ideas.” As we’ve reevaluated our finances in the past year, this was one of our first goals – keeping our weekly date night but staying within our budget. So, we got creative.

Back in September we challenged ourselves to stick to a $5 budget for date nights and have been able to come up with several original ways to stay within that budget and still enjoy a romantic evening. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought this would be the perfect time to share a few of my favorite fun but frugal date night ideas with you. These suggestions are the perfect substitute for an expensive night out to celebrate Valentine’s Day but are just as appropriate for a budget-friendly date any night of the week.

Entertaining and Inexpensive Date Ideas

1. Night in Italy

(Otherwise known as pizza night.) We love just grabbing a pizza together. This date can be as casual or as fancy as you want it to be. A candlelit dinner at home featuring a pie from a local pizzeria, a spontaneous meal while watching your favorite sports team play, or a memorable evening making your own homemade pizza makes a great date night idea that won’t break the bank.

2. Picnic Along the River

One of the dates I remember most from last year was right after we’d purchased our home and moved to town. We picked up a pizza from a local place and took it down by the river to enjoy. We talked about the excitement of buying our first home, shared our dreams, and just enjoyed our time together. It’s funny how a date that cost under $5 is more memorable to me than some that may have cost 5 or 6 times as much. Want to recreate this type of evening for your favorite person? Pack a simple picnic (or grab a pizza like we did) and head to your favorite spot in town.

3. Movie Night

I already mentioned that heading to the movie theater isn’t the most budget-savvy date to plan. However, if you have Netflix or if you have a Redbox nearby, you can get the same experience for a lot less. Pop some popcorn, choose a movie together, and cuddle on the couch for a romantic and practically free date.

4. Local Performance

If you’re not in the know already, I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how many free or low-cost venues your local community hosts. During the summer our city holds a concert every Thursday right in the middle of town, and we have several other community activities during the winter months. Do a little research and support your local performing arts for a fun and frugal date night.

5. Coffee Date

A coffee date is the perfect fun and frugal date for any night of the year!If frugal is the name of the game, pick up a couple of tasty coffees on a coupon. Or, opt out of a pricey cup of Joe altogether and make your own latte at home. With a little bit of heated milk, your favorite fresh coffee, and a splash of cinnamon, you can create your tasty café in your own kitchen. If you want to get really crazy add a little whipped cream on top to spice it up!

6. Game Night

We’re both pretty competitive, so we love pulling out a game to play together. You could even make this a couple’s event and invite a few of your friends over. Strategize with your other half and work together to make it a night to remember.

7. Spa Night In

The stress of daily life takes its toll on both of you. Why not enjoy a relaxing night in together to get rejuvenated? Light a few candles, turn on some soothing music, and enjoy a little peace. Want to make it extra special? Use a little coconut oil and give one another foot or shoulder massages.

8. Ice Cream Date

Grab a cup of ice cream from your favorite shop and enjoy a fun and budget-friendly date night!We have this great local ice cream shop in our town. It’s perfect for a quick date night treat! Whether you have a favorite ice cream parlor or not, though, an ice cream date is fun and frugal!

9. Drive In Movie

I’ll admit it. I was over twenty years old before I had ever been to a drive in movie. I’d have to say now that I’ve been, though, it’s one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. Most drive in theaters charge per car, so this is another good one to invite another couple on to cut down on costs.

10. Library or Bookstore Visit

If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, consider visiting the library or a bookstore together. Walking through stacks of books is a great way to get inspired and spend a bit of time. We love picking a new study book or devotional to read together, so this is a great way to spend one of our frugal dates Just be careful not to go crazy buying books if you visit a bookstore.

When most people think of going on a date, especially on Valentine’s Day, most people think high cost equates high value. As you can see, you can have just as much fun and make just as many memories by entertaining a frugal date night idea as you can otherwise. Plus, when you keep it budget-friendly, you’ll get to go out more often, and for me, that’s a big benefit!

What is your favorite frugal date? Do you have any other tips for planning budget-friendly date nights?

Heather Bowen

Heather Bowen is the founder and owner of LifeofaHomeschoolMom.com. She and her husband live in North Carolina where they homeschool their two daughters. Heather is a former Labor & Delivery Nurse who traded in her scrubs and began blogging full-time in 2013. She is so glad you're visiting her blog today and hopes to connect with you!

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  1. This is a great post! Our 16 year old tonight told us that he would like to babysit the 2 younger siblings so we can have a romantic night out on Valentine’s. This is super sweet of him and unexpected so I have been thinking of ways that we can spend some special time together and not spend a ton of money. Coffey dates and bookstore dates are some of our best memories! Thank you for the great reminder and the wonderful post!

  2. Bwahahahaha! Drive-In’s budget friendly. It’s actually cheaper for us to go to our local theater. Long gone are the days of paying by the carload. Adults are $8 and kids are $6. Granted a Saturday night at our theater is $9, but they also have bargain Tuesdays where all showings are $5

    1. I guess it is different in different parts of the country.

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