#1 Sanity Saving Tip for Moms

#1 Sanity Saving Tip for Moms

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Don't let yourself become overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood. You can save your sanity with this one easy trick!

Are you a stressed out, overworked, committed, overwhelmed mom on the verge of burnout?

My guess is, you’re probably nodding your head. I know just how you feel because for the majority of the past 10.5 years that I’ve been a mother, I’ve been there too.

However, the past few weeks, I haven’t been that mom anymore. I haven’t been waking up exhausted, praying that the day goes by quickly so that I can crawl into my bed again. And it’s all because I’ve made a simple adjustment to my days.

I’ve intentionally been scheduling “me time” into each day and it has made a world of difference.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Me time…what’s that?”

“Who has time for me? Don’t you know I have a job, and kids to take care of, and a house to clean, and meals to fix?”

Yes, I do know…because I have all of that to do too, but when I don’t allow myself time to take care of me, everything else suffers.

Recently, I had the chance to review the book,  The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. This book has changed my life. It’s taught me how to get my life back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still busy. There still doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day, but I have found joy in the day to day by simply setting aside a few minutes {10, 20, 30, whatever I can squeeze in} to just be myself. To do something I enjoy.

What is it that you enjoy that you don’t make time for anymore?

Reading? Knitting? Spending time in prayer? Exercising? Sitting on your deck listening to the birds? Meeting a friend for lunch?

For me, it’s curling up with my Bible, sipping on a favorite drink, and journaling my thoughts. This practice is so valuable to me and to my outlook on the day, but so often, it’s the first thing that I let slide from my busy schedule, and after a few days of not taking time for myself, I can feel the effects and so can those around me.

As I began to really dig into The Fringe Hours, I truly realized just how damaging my lack of me time has been on myself and my relationships. It really forced to to evaluate my life…and take an honest look at just how unbalanced I truly was. The book is divided into four parts: Explore, Discover, Maximize, and Live Well.

In Part 1: Explore, author Jessica Turner encourages you to examine your life. Why aren’t you taking time for yourself? She interviewed many women and discovered that most of the time, it’s due to self-imposed pressures and the elusive guilt factor that plaques so many women today. Be honest how many times have you wanted to take a few minutes and do something for YOU, but didn’t because you felt guilty?

Part 2: Discover helps you begin to shift your perspective and take a look at how you could make more time for yourself. It also helps you answer the question of “and what will I do with this time if I find it?”.

Part 3: Maximize, puts your plan into action. It helps you figure out how to prioritize your day by managing your time more efficiently. It also will help you identify obstacles and plan how to overcome them.

And finally, Part 4: Live Well discusses community, rest, and joy. The perfect recipe for a well-balanced life.

I know I’ve already said how incredible this book has been for me, but I really can’t stress it enough. If you’re nearing the edge of burnout, read The Fringe Hours, be honest with yourself, let go of the guilt, and make some time for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your sanity is restored.

When I was only a few chapters into the book, I was determined to make more time for myself, so I headed out to my local Family Christian Store to pick up a few items to help me in my endeavor.

me time

I chose a Bible Study, an awesome new book, a fresh journal, and a fun cup! Because of these items, I look forward to my me time each day. On some days, I can only squeeze in 15 minutes, but I make a point to find the time.

You are important. You need to make time for yourself. Don’t say you’ll try to find the time…because it won’t happen. You’ll never just happen to find the time..You must MAKE the time.

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Heather Bowen

Heather Bowen is the founder and owner of LifeofaHomeschoolMom.com. She and her husband live in North Carolina where they homeschool their two daughters. Heather is a former Labor & Delivery Nurse who traded in her scrubs and began blogging full-time in 2013. She is so glad you're visiting her blog today and hopes to connect with you!

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  1. i am doing it right now! I have coffee and check out websites I enjoy(like this one). It’s dark outside, very early in the morning. thx

  2. What me time? When I have it, I love taking the time to just relax with a good book, maybe some Starbucks 🙂

  3. I struggle with me time, and end up burned out and overwhelmed. I could definitely use some help and will be checking this book out!

  4. I usually spend that time catching up on reading.

  5. Cappuccino and a book vor browsing the web. Thanks for the chance to win!

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