Goal-Setting Encouragement for 2015

Goal-Setting Encouragement for 2015

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I love  January. Falling snowflakes, crackling fireplaces, warm blankets, and mugs of peppermint hot chocolate. But most of all, I enjoy the feeling of starting fresh – the year is still a clean slate.


And it’s fun to go into a new year with excitement as we consider all the things we can accomplish! So we make really ambitious resolutions:

  • I won’t eat sweets for the entire year.
  • I’ll lose 15 pounds by March.
  • I’ll get – and keep – my entire house completely clean.
  • I won’t snap at my kids ever again.
  • I’ll exercise 5 times a week every single week.

Do you see what’s happening? Those plans looks great on paper, but generally when we make resolutions like that, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. We get tired, our kids get sick, the bills come in… life happens. Then we feel like we “blew it” and we give up.

But New Year’s Resolutions aren’t supposed to be something that we can be perfect at. New Year’s Resolutions should be goals that we keep working on. We may slip and slide, but we should get back up and keep trying!

So let’s embrace our imperfect selves and our imperfect lives just how they are, even as we’re setting goals and striving to achieve wonderful things.

And while we can’t do everything, we can work on some things. And it’s much better to have a few simple goals we can actually meet than it is to set so many goals that we crash and burn before February.

Whether you want to eat healthier, declutter your house, spend more time playing with your kids, or be kinder to your husband, consider a few areas of your life that you really want to work on. Then plug away at those things one at a time.

After all, a goal half met is better than not even trying! So keep moving forward.  Because even if the progress is slow, it’s still progress.

{Note: You can find fabulous free printables for all areas of home-management and goal-setting here or you can click here to see specific tips about how to set realistic goals for yourself.}

Heather Bowen

Heather Bowen is the founder and owner of LifeofaHomeschoolMom.com. She and her husband live in North Carolina where they homeschool their two daughters. Heather is a former Labor & Delivery Nurse who traded in her scrubs and began blogging full-time in 2013. She is so glad you're visiting her blog today and hopes to connect with you!
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