3 Ways to Keep a Strong Marriage when Homeschooling

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Maintaining a strong marriage is not always easy during the busy and exhausting homeschool years but it is worth it. It is easy for the focus to be on the children while marriage takes a backseat during this time. However, we need to guard against that for the sake of our families.

3 Ways to Keeping Your Marriage Strong During the Homeschool Years

1. Date Nights: Going on a date night is not an unusual concept but many say they cannot find the time or the money to make it happen. When you and your husband first met even if money was an issue, time never was, right? We find ways to spend time with those we love.

Yet, it is all too easy to let the days blend into weeks and years as we take care of the daily tasks. We are busy and tired. Date nights should never be a chore. In fact, it should be quite the opposite. Plan for one evening once a month. You can spend the time going on a walk, a picnic, watching a movie at home, going to a coffee shop, going to an art gallery, or dinner and a movie.

Look up local events, you may be surprised how much there is to do in your community for little or no cost. The point of making it a priority to spend time together is not new but it is nonetheless true. You need to guard against any distance created in your marriage by not focusing on it.

2. Find a Hobby You Both Enjoy: Finding a hobby to share will give you a natural and enjoyable way to spend time together. It can happen, given enough time, that you look up one day and find that you and your husband have little in common.

Don’t live separate lives under the same roof. Find something the two of you enjoy doing together. You can take a cooking class, work out together, working on house projects, etc. Enjoying each other’s company while involved in a project or hobby forms a strong bond and creates lovely memories.

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3. Communicate Daily: It may sound simple yet communicating purposely and sharing our hearts can get lost in the shuffle. You don’t need to have long heartfelt conversations daily. The point is to be a soft place to land and a constant reminder that you share this life. You may not have time for long conversations but a short daily call or a talk and a laugh before bedtime can keep the lines of communication open.

Babysitter Notes Printable

For your next date night, print out this Babysitter Notes sheet. Leave all of the important details about your children and where you will be with the babysitter!

How do you keep your marriage strong while homeschooling?


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