X is for Xylography

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X is for Xylography

I learned a new word recently that starts with “X”: Xylography, which is the art of wood engraving in order to print with it! Xylography is the oldest know relief printmaking technique. It started in China, and then spread to Europe.

xylography 060

We decided to try it at our home to make a Christmas scene “stamp” that could be used to make Christmas cards and wrapping paper. Since xylographic tools are very sharp and wood engraving can be dangerous, my husband did the carving. He used plywood and tools specifically for the craft.
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You can also use a potato, instead of wood, and carve with regular kitchen tools!
This was a fun activity to do to get ready for Christmas and to bless others.
1. Draw on your wood the scene you want to engrave.
xylography 044
2. Carve away the parts of the wood that won’t be part of your stamp.
Xylography 001
Xylography 005
3. Put paint or ink on the parts that are sticking up.
Xylography 010
Xylography 007
4. Carefully dip your wood stamp onto the paper; press down all around it; and lift straight up.
Xylography 013
xylography 051
You can check out Youtube for some printmaking or wood engraving videos to see how the technique it done.
Gena Family Collage 1
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