S is for Snowday {Free printable sight word book}

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How to have a snow day, even in a tropical climate  -http://www.sightandsounreading.com

Hello, I am Meeghan from Sight and Sound Reading. We teach children to read for free, we help struggling readers, we give tips (and free worksheets!) to teachers and parents teaching beginning reading.

It is fun to see how excited children get when they hear snow is coming. Winter, for a child, is a fun for so many reasons. I know my children love winter because they love to play in the snow. We live in a location where we get plenty of snow – so, playing in the snow actually gets old by the end of winter! There are a lot of fun things to do in the snow: sledding, snow ball fights, making snowmen and snow angels, building snow forts and making snow cones….wow! What fun the snow is!

Of course, some children never get to experience the snow because they live in a more tropical climate. I remember the first snowfall in college. I had many friends who saw snow for the first time! We had so much fun playing outside like little children, neglecting our studies!

Whether you live in a warmer climate, or a colder one, I thought it might be fun to take time and enjoy a “snow-day”. I have a fun sight word book that is great for little readers. If you are following our learn to read for free program, your little readers will be able to read this book themselves after Day 25. Sight Words used in the book are: dog, cat, bear, little, can, one, two, three, run, play. If you live in a warmer climate, perhaps you can recreate a snow day by throwing socks at each other like snow-balls, or making “snow” angels in the sand, or grass? My children love to pretend they are sledding by sliding on their tummies down the stairs… be careful of rug-burns, though! I allow them to do this every so often for a few minutes but I makes sure they have on footy pajamas so they don’t hurt their bellies! If you have hardwood floors, you can pretend you are ice skating by using your socks. (This cleans the floor too! LOL).

Enjoy your snow day with your little ones… and, maybe with your bigger children too! Enjoy this sight word book -it comes in both black/white an in color so your little ones can color it for you and then read it to you. Merry Christmas from Sight and Sound Reading!

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