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Online writing help for homeschoolers!
There are many excellent resources for writing help for homeschool families. In fact, I respect many of the other companies offering writing assistance. I have spoken to representatives from other companies at conventions and even applied, at one time, to work for a few of them. So, it may seem silly that I instead started my own company, offering online writing classes for homeschoolers when other such resources already exist. Yet, I found something lacking in the department of writing assistance: affordability.


So Verbose OnlineWriting began out of a request from several families for writing assistance that was affordable. I began by teaching four students how to write research papers in the summer of 2008. I had no money for advertising, no website, and nothing that made the business stand out from the crowd. Yet word spread around town, and the business began growing. Six years later, we now work with hundreds of students across the globe every school year.


While our business certainly could be compared to other major-name online writing programs or writing curriculum, we don’t necessarily look for the competition. My heart’s desire has always been and will always be this: to provide writing assistance that is affordable to an average homeschool family.


My brother, sister, and I were homeschooled from kindergarten through 12th grade. My mother did not work outside of the home, and our family lived on a smaller-than-average budget. Money was very tight, and I recognize that this scenario has not changed for many homeschool families. When I began So Verbose, this was forefront in my mind. I did not want to create a business that would have been out of reach from my very own parents, should they have needed it.


As this post is connected to 25 Frugal Days of Christmas, it is important for me to highlight the affordability of our writing classes. Many homeschool families need help with teaching writing. It’s not necessarily an easy subject to teach, and writing does not come naturally to everyone. Sometimes, the idea of teaching writing can be perfectly overwhelming. But, if the resources available to families are not affordable, then families are left to try to piece together some sort of writing program themselves. In the end, I have talked with hundreds of parents and their children who still need help with writing.


So Verbose is, and will always be, a home-grown business, run by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. I read every email that comes through the account. If you want to speak with someone, you get my direct phone number. I will Skype with any student needing greater assistance. I grade papers around my one-year-old’s nap schedule. I don’t work in an office. I work in the front room of my home, with the laundry washing and something cooking in the crockpot in the kitchen. My assistant teacher Lydia is balancing college-prep with writing work, and still manages to write her own novels in between. We both love writing, and we are passionate about what we do and what So Verbose offers homeschool families. We are passionate about So Verbose being a home-grown business, a business that offers affordable writing classes to homeschool families.


When Lydia and I work with students, we desire to teach the skills of writing while instilling confidence and self-discipline. Certainly, not every student will go on to be the next Nathaniel Hawthorne or Jane Austen or Thomas Jefferson. Yet, learning the skill of writing goes beyond just putting words on the page. We believe that every student can learn to be a good writer, and through the practice, will gain life skills such as perseverance, diligence, discipline, confidence, truthfulness, and faithfulness.


So Verbose offers a variety of online writing classes for grades 3-12. I specialize in teaching essay writing, and Lydia specializes in teaching creative writing, but we offer many classes ranging from grammar to professional writing. During the last six years, we have only offered classes online, but we look forward to also providing a writing curriculum for homeschool families beginning in the summer of 2015. As we continue to move forward as a business, we want our online services and curriculum to reflect something that is affordable and approachable.


If you’re one of those moms (or dads!) who is just wondering what you’re going to do about writing starting in the new year, we’d love to have you check SoVerbose out. We know that our business it not a fit for everyone, but we’d love to have the opportunity to chat with you about what we can offer and how we can help. If you never thought you could afford a writing tutor, even if just for one quarter, please visit our website and email us any questions you have! If you are interested in our online classes, sign up for our third quarter opens on January 5th.


Merry Christmas!


Cati Grape
Owner and Head Instructor
So Verbose Online Writing


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