30 Gifts Your Kids Can Make and You'd Be Thrilled To Receive

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30 Gifts Kids Can Make

We’ve all received adorable things from our children that are precious because of who made them.  The sentimental value makes them priceless.  As much as “it is the thought that counts”, wouldn’t your children love it if the gifts they made were loved because they were so cool?  Get your little DIYers ready!  Here is a collection of 30 gifts anyone would be thrilled to receive.  There are several things here I may have hinted to my own children I sure would like to have. . .

Gifts Kids Make OrnamentsOrnaments


  1. Baking Soda Ornaments
  2. Cinnamon Dough Ornaments
  3. Quilted Ornaments
  4. Perler Bead Ornaments
  5. Wooden Block Ornaments


30 Gifts Kids Make - Version 5For the Kitchen

  1. Monogram Soap Pump Bottles
  2. Tile Photo Coasters
  3. Dotted Glass Tumblers
  4. Painted Wooden Spoons
  5. Stamped Tea Towel


30 Gifts Kids Make - Version 2Games

  1. Family Yahtzee
  2. Twister
  3. Washi Tape Puzzles
  4. Super Hero Fort Kit
  5. Sidewalk Chalk


Gifts Kids Make - WearablesWearables/Wallets

  1. Stencil painted shirt
  2. Hair Clips
  3. Duct Tape Wallet
  4. Tie Turned Phone Case
  5. No-Sew Fabric Flower Headband


30 Gifts Kids Make - Version 3Jewelry

  1. Paper Punch Charm Bracelet
  2. Scrabble Tile Pendant
  3. Washer Necklace
  4. Kid’s Art Bead Necklaces
  5. Scrap Fabric Bracelets


30 Gifts Kids Make - Version 4Other Pretties

  1. Personalized Strawberry Pin
  2. Decorative Clothes Pins
  3. Personalized Journal
  4. Creative Photo Bookmarks
  5. Felt and Elastic Bookmark


Do you have any other DIY gifts from kids to add to this list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. What a great list of Christmas gifts for kids to make!

  2. This is a great list! Many of these even this craftless momma can make 🙂

  3. a gift idea we made for our family last year from my 2 year old were oven mits.
    we went to the dollar store and bought oven mits and painted his hand the color of his choice. then stamped them on them and wrote his name and helping hands and the date. everyone was joyed to get them and they can use them, they are great for family far away 🙂

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