Simple Hand-print Turkey Craft

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I’m a huge fan of not having a million messy projects all over the place. But, my kids really enjoy making holiday crafts, so sometimes I’ll just give them construction paper, pencils, scissors, and glue sticks, then let them get creative!

This year they made a simple Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Craft to hang on the wall and I want to share how they did it!

Supplies needed:

Construction paper (suggested colors: brown, white, black, yellow, red, orange, green)
Glue or tape
Pencil (for tracing hands and feet)
Hole punch (optional – for punching black circles for the eyes)



Body: Trace feet onto brown construction paper. Cut out.

Feathers: Trace each hand onto three different colors of construction paper, for a total of six hand-prints. Cut them out.

Eyes: Using your hole-puncher if you have one, punch out small black circles for the eyes. If you don’t have a hole-puncher, just use scissors. Then place the black circles onto white paper and draw larger white circles around the black circles (see photo collage below). Cut that out as well.

Beak: Cut out a small triangle of orange paper for the beak, and a larger triangle out of red paper for the gobbler.

Legs and feet: Using orange paper, draw a long, narrow rectangle to make a leg, then three little triangles at the bottom of the legs to make a foot (see bottom collage). Repeat. Cut both of those out as well.



Body: Using the brown footprints you cut out, tape or glue the heels together and let the toes be spread outward a little bit (see photo below). The heels will be the head and the toes will be the body.

Eyes: Glue or tape the black circles onto the white circles, then attach them towards the top of the turkey’s head.

Beak: Glue or tape the orange triangle beak to the red gobbler, then glue the gobbler to the head, underneath the turkey’s eyes.

Legs and feet: Glue or tape legs to the backside of the lower part of the turkey’s body (this is where the child’s toes were – see photo).

Feathers: Fan out the cut-out hand-prints however you like, then tape or glue them to the back of the turkey.

When you’re finished, make sure your child’s name and the year is written on the back of the turkey!


Display ideas:

  • Glue the turkey to card-stock, write a note inside, and mail the card to a relative!
  • Laminate the turkey and tape it to your wall (this is what we did – see top photo).
  • Tape the turkey to a sheet of construction paper, then put it in a dollar store frame and display it.
  • Hang it on the fridge.
  • Put it in your child’s school binder after Thanksgiving so you’ll have an easy record of his or her tiny hands and feet!

What simple Thanksgiving craft ideas do you love? If you’ve blogged about it, feel free to leave a link to your family-friendly article in the comments!

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