O is for Ornaments

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Fun and easy ornaments you can create with your children!

For O I’ve put together a few easy craft ornaments that you and your kids can make.  Most of the required materials are things you  most likely have already, if not…they are available for cheap (and most likely found at your local dollar store!).

#1 – Mini Wreath Ornament
Mini Wreath Ornament

Materials Needed:
Garter, Shower Rings, Bows (Total Cost shown above $3).  Makes 12 wreaths, with bows left over for other projects! You could also use yarn.

Just wrap the garland around the shower ring and finish it with a bow.  Tie a ribbon to the top to hang.  (I used a gold pipe cleaner).

#2 – Ribbon Tree
Easy Ribbon Tree Ornament

Materials needed:
Scrap ribbons (in red and green) and a twig.  I also added a button for the ‘star’.

Just tie the ribbons on the twig, cut the pieces so that they get smaller from bottom to top.  So easy!

#3 – Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree
Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornamentpst2

Materials needed:  Popsicle sticks  (these came green in a pack from Dollar Tree, but you can color or paint them green) and random buttons.  Hot glue the sticks into a triangle.  Then kids can decorate with buttons.  I also added a piece of tag board for the trunk. Hot glue a ribbon to the back for a hanger.

#4 – Styrofoam ball ornament
Easy Styrofoam Ball Christmas Ornamento6

Materials needed:
Styrofoam ball (a set of varying sizes was bought from the Dollar Tree), straight pins, scrap paper in Christmas colors (old wrapping paper or scrapbook paper) in small circles (circle punch would be great!).  Here they are two sizes, but one size would suffice.  You could also skip the paper and cover the ball in flat pushpins/thumbtacks in either silver or gold.

Use the straight pins to attach the circle paper all around the ball, and a ribbon to hang it.  Great fine motor work, ages 4+

#5 – Santa Hat
Materials needed:  Red popsicle sticks (the green ones came as a set with red), cotton and red felt or paper.

Arrange the sticks in a triangle, back with the felt (or paper) and then glue cotton on the top corner and the bottom line.

#6 – Snowman CD
Materials needed:  White glitter glue, small black buttons (or similar), orange paper or felt for nose.

Paint the CD with the glitter glue, add the buttons for eyes and mouth, cut a triangle from the paper or felt and add for nose.

#7 – Jingle Wreath
Materials needed:  Pipe cleaner, jingle bells and leftover bows from the mini wreath.

String the bells from the pipe cleaner,  Wrap it closed and cover it with the bow.

#8 – Candy Cane
Materials needed:  pipe cleaner, red and white pony beads (great sorting activity if you have a multi-color set like I did!).

String the beads on the pipe cleaner.  Great fine motor practice, and also good to work on math patterns! Finish the ends by bending and wrapping to secure the beads.  Bend to shape and add a ribbon for hanging.

#9 – Pasta Creations (Snowflakes, Flowers, etc…)

Materials needed:  Noodles of different shapes and sizes, glue, paint and other accessories of choice.  Patterns to follow may be helpful, I Goggled snowflake images.


Glue the pasta as you wish, paint after drying and garnish with glitter or other items.  My younger kids just did their own thing.  I attempted a poinsettia (shown above).

#10 – Plastic Ball Ornaments
Materials needed: Plastic balls from Oriental Trading {aff}.  There are so many cute ornaments to make that call for glass balls, but those are just not feasible with kids!  Now you can!  Glue the balls shut so kids don’t open them!  Tie them with a ribbon to hang.

L:  Filled with a family photo and glitter.  Put the year in contact paper cutout on the outside.

R:  Painted the inside.  Put initial in contact paper cutout on the outside.

Let your imagination run wild!  These balls come out to less than 50c each!

#11 – Baked Clay Ornaments

Interested in more ornament fun?  Check out 12 days of Christmas Carols, an ornament for each day to go with the lesson.

And HERE are some more ornaments we have done (most are kits, but can be easily replicated).



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