Mason Jar Hot Chocolate

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Having a large family is certainly a blessing in many ways…

But shopping for everyone is not!

That said, our children love to give gifts that come directly from them. And while the little ones may draw a picture or decorate a card; the older ones want to be a little more creative.

The answer for our home… Gifts in a Jar! From cookie mixes to manicure kits; mason jars are the perfect way for our children to offer gifts that don’t break the bank.

Our WITHOUT A DOUBT favorite is our Hot Chocolate. The following directions are for making 1 Mason Jar at a time. At our house, we double bag a kitchen trash bag (make sure they are non-scented bags – don’t ask just believe me when I say to make sure of this important fact) with 10 of each ingredient. Securely tie the inside bag and tuck in the out bag before closing this bag with an overhand knot to close it well. GENTLY shake, squeeze and roll the bags until all ingredients are combined. Tear open the outside bag and make a small cut on one of the corners of the inside bag. With help, fill our each Mason jar and seal with ring and band.

To make this awesome drink mix you will need:

1 Quart Mason Jar
1 cup Instant Chocolate Drink Mix
1 cup Powdered Coffee Creamer
1 cup Sugar (Splenda works great and reduces the calories)

To prepare this drink:

Combine the above ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Slowly and carefully pour into a Mason jar.

Print out our FREE Label with the following directions:

Scoop 2-3 Tablespoons into a mug and add hot water. Stir well. Top with marshmallows if desired.


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