Family Game Night: Frugal Christmas Edition {with printables}

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Hi, I am Meeghan Mousaw from Sight and Sound Reading. We teach children to read for free. We help beginning strugglers learn to read, offer tips to parents to help beginning and struggling readers and we offer free worksheets and fun activities for little reading students.

One of my favorite frugal activities to do with my family is to play board games. Finding a game can be difficult for my family at this point, though, because we have so many different ages and abilities to have to try and accommodate. Nonetheless, we give it our best try to all play together.

One game that we find fun that is great for many ages is a scavenger hunt. The little ones can find the easier things – and the older ones can find the harder things. The older ones can also help encourage and play with the little ones.

There are a couple ways to do the scavenger hunt. One way is you give the children a list, or a picture list and you have the children go find each of the items. The scavenger hunt can be done in your home, the back yard, or your entire neighborhood –depending on the ages of the children. You could also do a scavenger hunt where the bigger children hide the items and leave clues so that the smaller children can find the items.

Another activity that the children love to do is to put on a play together. I give them an idea for a story (or, they can come up with one on their own), and they put everything together. The older children become the directors and the little ones the actors. Sometimes the little ones are the directors – who is the bossy child in your family? J

So, I wanted to create a few games and things for your little ones to do this advent season to help keep them busy so you can spend some time doing something you want to do, or –you can play along as well – and spend some quality family time!

Included in this freebie is a scavenger hunt with a giving twist,

Frugal Family Game Night

a word search, a matching game, a coloring page, and a craft to make some popsicle stick puppets so that your children can put on a play of the birth of Jesus!

Frugal Family Game Night

Frugal Family Game Night

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I hope you have a safe, happy, blessed, Merry Christmas.



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  1. Very good thanks for the great ideas

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