Boost Your Child's Reading Collection!

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Five Ways To Boost Your Child’s Reading Collection (& it’s frugal too!!!)





There is nothing as relaxing, as being curled up with a great story line. For this busy Mama, it’s one of my favourite ways to relax…pick up one of my fav fiction series & just let the stress literally ‘melt’ away…

I also feel it’s important, for us Mamas, to encourage the young ones to read as well. I believe that we do that in these three ways: by setting a good example, by giving them ample opportunity to be exposed to books, & by encouraging them to do so regularly.

In this post, I share FIVE ways that I believe will help to do all three of the above. It can give your children: more access to reading material (in a frugal way!), and also encourage them in their reading adventures!

Try to involve them in the selection of material (as much as you can) and watch how you’ll develop some avid readers in your home!

Five Ways To Boost Your Child’s Reading Collection (& it’s frugal too!!!)

1) Visit your local library & take advantage of searching out goodies on their catalog! I do have to say that with hesitation these days…not ALL libraries have an extensive collection of classics, and good educational material as opposed to: pop culture, occult-based, and very shallow reading material (my opinion here only: use your personal discretion). I really enjoy helping/encouraging the kids to pick an old classic over a ‘popular’ choice. But the library does have a vast array of non-fiction and fiction fun reading choices. AND my fav part, is that it’s free 🙂

2) Watch for super specials on online sites that sell books! I use my fav website (not an affiliate link) for most of my classic & Christian based reading material needs. I am on their email list and watch for their AMAZING periodic deals on shipping and holidays, etc. They have such a nice variety of books, videos and learning material that our family ends up with a large order about every other month or so. Amazon works too, but I find they don’t always have the inspirational ones we are looking for.

3) Host a book swap of some sort! Invite some friends over (or take advantage of a local homeschooling support group meeting!) and invite all to bring some of their old children’s books ready to ‘recycle’. Set up your own rules as fits the needs. A frugal way to get some new reads for all ages.

4) Join a Facebook or other online group! Many are soley designated to help families find items at a free or super frugal cost. They are really good ways to find new reading material for your children/students. It may be a homeschooling swap group, or something like ‘freecycle’, but it is another easy choice to obtain new books!

5) Watch for local Mom To Mom Sales; Garage Sales; Library Overstock Sales and Church Bizarres! Local events are another super easy way to obtain new stuff without spending too much! I recently got a few new ones to add to our collection at a church Mom To Mom sale. They were 50 cents or so each. Compare that to the $5-$15 they would have been brand new, and you can see why I was such a happy camper afterward 🙂

So what about you? What are your top tips for integrating reading into the home? Please feel free to share in the comments section below 🙂


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