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I’m so glad you’ve stopped by today. Like you, I know the importance of making sure my children are brought up in the church. From very early ages, we take them to Sunday morning services in hopes that they will be able to pick up little nuggets of truth from the experience. We deeply want them to engage in the service and love the sermons as much as we do, but truthfully, it is hard for their little minds to stay focused.

With statistics showing that more and more teens and young adults are turning away from organized religion, we know that we need to make some changes to ensure our children are well-grounded in their faith. We need to ensure they are paying attention and soaking in the message.

But how?

Sermon Notes for Kids Freebie

What we need is  a tool to help our children stay engaged and focused during a church service, right?

That is exactly what I have for you! This tool has made a huge difference in the amount of information my children are retaining during the time they spend at church.

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  1. I’m excited to use this

  2. Thanks for sharing!! God bless!

  3. Hello! What a great idea! However – the image shown on this page isn’t one of the ones available at the affiliate site. 🙁 The one I purchased for $1 is similar – but lacks some of the cool aspects of this one. How can I get a hold of this actual version? Thank you!

    Pastor Steven James

    1. I have no idea- this is an old post, and it is not our product, we only featured it. You would have to contact the website who authored the page to inquire about it. Good luck!

  4. Thanks so much for this!! My husband is the church pastor, and I’m the children’s teacher. This will be great to hand out to our children before service!! =)

  5. This is a great tool! I am so thankful you are willing to share with us!

  6. Too bad I can’t use this. I don’t homeschool, but this would have been nice to use for kids church. Terms won’t allow me to use it…Guess I have to bite the bullet and make up my own.

    1. What in the terms will not allow you to use it? I think there is a misunderstanding.If you mean you would like to use it for a group {not just your own students}, all it requires is a simple email to ask permission. 🙂 I grant people these sorts of privileges all the time!

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