FREE Tools for Multiplication Fluency

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FREE Tools for Multiplication Fluency

Hi  everyone,

Today I would like to focus myself to the multiplication activities as my younger son starts doing multiplication topic. As you know multiplication is the next challenging step in Mathematic numbers for children to master after addition and subtraction. I myself felt dreadful when I was in the age of learning multiplication.

Being able to understand the concept of multiplication didn’t help me to get good mark in the tests I had. Speed is another way to get learners master the multiplication. Playing games are usually done when there is a partner to accompany. To make the games more effective, before games are played, learners should have been used to “memorize” or “keep in touch with” the multiplication.

For that purpose, I make some multiplication tools for you to download. It consists of:

Multiplication Flash Cards

Multiplication flash cards are useful for a lot of games and for self memorization.


  • Use the card stocks to print the files so that it is more durable.
  • Print pages 3-20 for the front side.
  • Turn back the paper and print pages 21 – 38 at the same direction.
  • Cut the paper following the dotted lines.
  • You might put the cards into order at the same side upwards to memorise the multiplication
  • Bind the cards with key ring to carry them more easily.


  • Use the card stocks to print the files so that it is more durable.
  • Provide 2 different colours of card stocks; each of which are 18 pieces
  • Print pages 3-20 with the same colour.
  • Get the other colour and print pages 21 – 38.
  • Cut the paper following the dotted lines.
  • Cards can be used for memory games and many other games.

Multiplication Flash Cards

Multiplication Mini Book

The mini book will be great for travelling or going around anywhere to review and memorize.


  • Use the card stocks to print the files so that it is more durable.
  • The even and odd pages of the same multiplication are intended to be printed as two sided.
  • Print all of the even pages.
  • Turn back the paper and print all the odd pages at the same direction.
  • Cut the paper into 4 pages.
  • Put the page numbers into order
  • Bind the pages with wire or plastic. You might laminate each paper if you wish.

Multiplication Mini Book_000001

Multiplication Table

Multiplication table can be put up for a wall display  anywhere in your house. I put it on the bed room next to the bed so that kids can read before they go to sleep. Print it on a piece of chalk board and laminate it as well so that it is going to be more durable.

Multiplication Table

To download the Multiplication tools, you might click the picture bellow:


FREE  Printable  Multiplication  Tools

There are a lot of free activities and games to browse in the internet, in the pinterest specially. The games are used to be variations and practice for multiplication fluency. Here are some of my favourite Free Multiplication activities for children.

Multiplication Race is a great game for some children to play.  Here is another Multiplication race to 100 which is great for variation

11 Multiplication Games are available in You might have to sign up to get the free printables, but it worths.

Fish Bowl Multiplication is a 45 minutes teaching and you might download the free printables after free signing up in Teachers Pay Teachers

Multiplication madness has 50 pages of 8 activities you can download for free in Teachers Pay Teachers

Color by multiplication needs children to color the shapes based on the multiplication results


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