Free Spanish Family Words Printable Pack

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We’ve been learning Spanish in our family for the past couple of years, so we use Spanish family words pretty often around our house. Even our youngest daughter, Piglet, has learned some Spanish phrases such as “vamos” (let’s go!) and “ven aca” (come here).

One of the first topics that I learned to talk about in Spanish was the family, and I wanted to share a free printable pack for learning Spanish family words! Below, you can download “La Familia!” Spanish Family Words Printable Pack!

Free Spanish Family Words Printable Pack - Frugal Homeschool Family

What’s In the Spanish Family Words Printable Pack?

In this pack, there are printable pages for learning the following Spanish family words:

  • Hermanita (little sister)
  • Hermanito (little brother)
  • Hermana (sister)
  • Hermano (brother)
  • Madre (mother)
  • Padre (father)
  • Familia (family)

There are sample Spanish sentences such as “Mi hermano es simpático.” (My brother is nice.) and “Amo a mi familia.” (I love my family). You’ll also find practice handwriting worksheets and a picture and vocabulary matching activity.

Introducing Spanish Grammar

As you might notice, the word endings change slightly when you use adjectives for male and female individuals. In Spanish, adjectives must agree with the nouns they modify. If a noun is masculine, the adjective that describes it must also be used in its masculine form.

For example, the word “simpático” is used for males, while “simpática” is used for females. So you can use the pack to introduce the Spanish grammatical rule for using masculine and feminine adjective forms with masculine and feminine nouns.

For smaller students, be sure to grab our set of free printable flashcards for learning Spanish family words! With this pack, young learners can study the same words right along with their older siblings!

To download your copy of “La Familia” Spanish Family Printable Pack, click the image or the link below!

Free Spanish Family Words Printable Pack - Frugal Homeschool Family

Spanish Family Words Pack

For more Spanish fun, grab our free Spanish Food Word Flashcards and our free Spanish Opposite Word Flashcards!


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