How to Homeschool for Free

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One thing I hear over and over again from people is that they’d like to homeschool but it’s just too expensive. This really surprises me! Between back-to-school clothes, school supply lists, field trip expenses, and the cost of school lunches, public school can very easily cost just as much, or more than, homeschooling!

How to homeschool for free. This helpful resource includes incredible links and tips! Tip #2 is a must-read!

My family currently buys textbooks so we aren’t homeschooling for free right now but when our budget was much tighter, I was able to homeschool for only the price of a little gas money, some paper, and printer ink!

Here are five ways to homeschool for free:

1) Use free online Curricula

All in One Homeschool is a complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum for preschool through high school. My five-year-old has been using it to help her learn to read. A friend uses their art, gym, and music classes.

Whether you need a full curriculum or are looking for help with just a subject or two, take a few minutes to browse around that site and see what you’d like to implement into your own school schedule!

From math and science, to test-prep and humanities, Khan Academy has you covered! Not only can multiple kids be signed up individually under one family account, but progress reports are conveniently e-mailed to parents each week.

My fourth-grader is working through Khan Academy’s math curriculum with great success so far! I don’t have personal experience with any of the other subjects, but the price can’t be beat so it’s definitely a site to consider.

FREE online learning resources! I've already tried a few out with my kids and we LOVE them!

2) Look for other Internet resources

We love animal videos on National Geographic as well as some YouTube videos for science! My emerging reader loves PBS Kids and Starfall.

You can find an entire section about homeschool freebies right here on Frugal Homeschool Family! Money Saving Mom also posts weekly homeschool deal roundups. And there’s a pin here with 10 free learning websites.

And of course, never under-estimate the power of a search engine! When I don’t know the answer to a question, my kids will regularly say to me, “Can you google it?” We’ve learned something about every subject imaginable just by googling for things like, “How hot is the sun,” “Gram to ounce conversion,” and “What is a preposition.”

I’ve also found free math printables, handwriting sheets, holiday-fact worksheets, and more just by googling for what I need or browsing Pinterest for free printables on those topics!

3) Visit the Library

The obvious resource that libraries offer is a plethora of great books, but books aren’t always the only perk of visiting the library!

For example, one of our local libraries has unit-studies learning boxes for teachers. They’re giant tote boxes filled with books, manipulatives, and other activities all based around one subject.

We’ve borrowed learning boxes about Mexico, money, 100’s, and a variety of other subjects, all for free! Just ask your local librarian if they have any learning kits or other special things for teachers to check out.

Many libraries also offer various homeschool events and learning activities that are free to partake in.

4) Go on field trips
Yes, some field trips cost money but so many other field trips are free!

We’ve visited nearby parks, nature preserves, restaurant kitchens, fire stations, farms, and many other places for only the cost of gas – and we pay even less in gas when we carpool with friends!

Simply call around to local businesses, farms, and state parks to see what they have to offer!

Special Note: Make sure to pack water plus snacks or lunch so you won’t be tempted to drive-thru somewhere while you’re out.

FREE field trip ideas! These are brilliant!

6) Watch Netflix
While this technically isn’t free, if you have cable then consider cancelling it and signing up for a less-expensive Netflix account instead. I love this article about how to utilize Netflix for school. My children’s favorite educational shows on Netflix are Wild Kratts, My America, Leap Frog, and The Magic School Bus.

I especially love Nexflix in the wintertime when the weather has been cold for months and mama could use a little quiet-time 😉

In conclusion

Whether you just want to save a little money by using free resources for some subjects, or whether you need to homeschool completely free, there are many ways to give your children an incredible home-based education without spending a fortune!

What are your favorite free homeschool resources?

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  1. Thanks for the great resources. It does surprise me when people think homeschooling is expensive. There are so many great free/cheap resources out there!

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