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I love resources that create not only a learning experience but that encourage interactive family play. Every once in awhile I come across such a resource and I love sharing great finds with my readers. Well, this week we have an exciting new FREE printable game based upon the hit Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins. If you’ve never seen an episode, a little girl named Doc McStuffins spends her time playing with other children and toys, and fixing up broken toys. She has a magic stethoscope that brings the toys to life. The toys talk and play with Doc and when one of the toys break, he or she will get a check-up so Doc can make minor repairs. If Doc McStuffins encounters a problem she can not fix, she’ll won’t hesitate to go to her mom or dad for help. My friend Monica over at just hosted a Doc McStuffins party complete with free coloring printables, dress-up play, delicious post slumber party foods, and even a tutorial on how to create your very own Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic. In preparation for the party, she watched all 20 Doc McStuffins episodes on the following DVDs (affiliate links):

  1. Doc McStuffins Friendship is the Best Medicine, and
  2. Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic.

She created 20 game cards for a Doc McStuffins Big Book of Boo Boos Game and is allowing me to share these printables with Frugal Homeschool Family subscribers for FREE. This is a wonderful game for families because everyone in the family can play and the activities encourage kids to solve problems,take care of toys, learn about diagnosing boo boos, and come up with treatment plans for healing and repair.

How to Play with the Big Book of Boo Boos Game

The Doc McStuffins Big Book of Boo Boos game is all about imagination. You can take virtually any object (especially a toy) and diagnose it with the same ailment as any of the toys included on the game cards. If your child has had the opportunity to view any of the Doc McStuffins episodes (you may be able to check out a copy of the DVD at your local library), he or she can play out the diagnosis and healing treatment for the toy. If they’ve never seen Doc McStuffins, just explain the recommended healing/repair for the toy (included on the card) and ask the child to “Doctor” the toy.

Extension Activities: Print two copies of all the cards to create a matching game. You can play “go fish” until all the cards are matched. For a memory game turn all the cards back side up on the floor (make sure to have two copies printed of each). Flip over one card and try to find its match. Keep flipping (and turning back over when a match is not found) until all the matching pairs are found. You can also use the cards to play hide-n-seek. Select the cards that match the toys you already have in your home. Hide the toys. Stack the cards and pull one at a time and ask your child to go find the toy. Once the toy is found, ask your child to doctor the toy as prescribed on the card. Doc McStuffins Big Book of Boo Boos Game FREE Printable You can also use the cards to teach kids about self-care. Some examples:

  • Fire Truck: Diagnosis: Dried out otosis – Toy is dehydrated, rehydrate with water. Talk with your kids about the importance of staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water.
  • Helicopter: Diagnosis: Roto crock olosis – Broken propeller, repaid with paste and rest 30 minutes. When our bodies are healing, we need to rest. That means taking a break from playing and some of the things we normally do.
  • Dinosaur: Diagnosis: Flat tail itis – Stuffing has fallen out of tail, re-stuff with stuffing. In the episode, Stuffy the dinosaur keeps playing even when his stuffing keeps falling out. Its important to ask for help as soon as a problem starts and not wait until things get bad.
  • Race Car: Diagnosis: No vroom vroom otis – Unable to race, need to recharge batteries. Our bodies need rest. By recharging our batteries with sleep we can get up and race after rest. Not resting means we run out of energy. Rest is important.

To enhance play, you can also create an inexpensive, make-at-home, Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic. Just visit this post with Games and Fun Activities for a Doc McStuffins Slumber Party for the free tutorial and free printables to create your own Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic. DIY Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic Free Printable I hope this new resource inspires your family with some exciting new ways to learn and play. Thanks for following along at Frugal Homeschool Family.

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**This awesome game was created by Monica from Happy and Blessed Home. All email addresses will be shared with Monica and added to her email list.**


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  2. That is amazing! My kids (and I) love Doc and her stuffy friends so we’d love to play the game 🙂

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