Planning Ahead for New Homeschool Year

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Planning Ahead For The New Homeschool Year

Planning, planning, planning…
That is what I am doing now. Planning ahead for the new homeschool year. When it comes to the new school year, kids are very happy while I am very busy. The more I do in the long holiday, the more relaxed I will be in the new year.
We have just been homeschooling our children for 7 semester, but we have already changed our planning styles and methods at the same number of half the time. However, last year we started to be more settled with our planning steps that I posted in Our Homeschooling Planning. Whatever methods, tools, and system we use, we find that similar steps of planning are used.

Am I an organized homeschooling mom? Not at all. I often get out of the planning track. That is a very honest confession of me.

  • Why do I keep planning ahead if I just break the plan?
  • Don’t you think that planning is just making things not flexible and kill the creativities?
  • Do we still need to plan even we have already got the teacher manual or instant schedule?
  • Why do we plan ahead of the year?

Let me try to share in several words. Well, here are some reasons for us to plan ahead for the new homeschool year:

Planning makes us ready to teach and to learn

I am included into a procrastinate mom. Spending time last minute is my very bad habit. Therefore, having experiment in science is just sometimes last minute grabbing here and there. This is a very uncomfortable situation for both children and myself. There are times that I had to cancel our activity planning just because I was not ready collecting the materials needed, providing the worksheet or the notebooking pages, etc. On the other hand, my children were not ready to learn what they supposed to learn. Since it was not all the time that learning could happen automatically, the importance of planning for learning has been felt urgently.

Planning for the year will keep my weeks easier

You might need to know that we plan our whole year in the beginning of the academic year. Even, it was around a week before our academic year was started. You might have done similar thing with us or you might scream about that like what I did before. Planning for the whole year will make my weeks on the year get lighter as I don’t need to think harder about what My kids are going to learn anymore, other than what makes my kids learn better.

Planning keep us on the right track (although you are left out)

To avoid the breaking of the teaching and learning process, planning ahead is really needed. Although we might break the plan by ourselves, at least planning can give us targets of doing what we suppose to do. Thus we know our position. Many homeschooling parents are worried about the achievement of their children whether their children have the same learning achievement as those who go to school. Well, planning ahead will let us include all criteria needed to achieve similar achievement with the schooled children. If we follow and track the planner properly, we should have been able to be on the right way.

Planning give us flexibility without being left out

People say that homeschooling is a way to be more flexible. When you plan ahead the new homeschool year, your friends might ask about the flexibility of homeschooling. By planning ahead, we can shift or move forward and backward our schedule and time table. Then, we can handle if we have been neglectful too much or we have been too strict. It is just to make sure that we are not left out in our flexibility. This is also one reason why I plan ahead although the curriculum I purchase have already got schedule set for the user. Following the curriculum schedule will be much better if you adjust it with your family calendar. As you know, every family has its own unique calendar. Even additional creativity can be insert in the middle of your planning and then shifting the rest of the schedule. However, you are not going to be left out with the curriculum itself as you are still under control.

Planning can involve all family member to participate in our homeschooling

I love involving my husband, my children, and relatives in our homeschooling activities. Planning ahead will let me know when and where they can be involved through the year. They would be much happier if they know the planning to involve them as they can prepare what they can give the best to your children. On the other hand, if you just tell them last minutes, they won’t be prepared and it will just make them thinking that homeschooling is something sloppy.

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