Get Ready for School! Pre K Printable Worksheets

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Get Ready for School: Free Pre K Printable Worksheets - Frugal Homeschool Family


It’s back to school time for many homeschooling families and, if you’re starting with a preschooler this year, you may be searching for simple Pre K printable worksheets to help your child ease into structured learning. We’ve got a free Pre K printable worksheets pack for you: “Get Ready for School!”

During pre-kindergarten, children often work on habits that will serve them well later in their schooling experience. Some of the typical Pre K skills for kids include:

  • Learning the alphabet
  • Learning how to count to 10
  • Learning how to use scissors safely
  • Learning how to cut and paste objects
  • Learning how to write letters
  • Learning how to identify colors

All of these skills are featured in the “Get Ready for School!” printable pack!

Helping Preschoolers Get Ready to Learn

The “Get Ready for School” pack consists of only 10 pages – 7 of which contain skills for kids to practice. Very young children generally do not have the attention span to sit for long periods of time, so it’s important to ease them into a structured schooling schedule. Shifting abruptly from free play to seatwork can be extremely challenging for preschoolers, and it may even cause them to develop a dislike for school work.

When you’re ready to use the “Get Ready for School!” pack with preschoolers, you might decide to focus on one skill a week. For example, spend one week learning how to trace the alphabet, another week learning how to use scissors for the first time, and so on. This relaxed schedule can help small children enjoy their Pre K years and get ready to learn about other topics, such as parts of a whole or names of animals.

What’s Inside the Get Ready for School Pack

The Get Ready for School Pack includes:

  • One page of counting practice (1 to 5)
  • Two pages of alphabet tracing
  • One page of scissor cutting practice
  • Two pages of cut and paste activities
  • One page of color identification

To download the free Pre K printable worksheets pack “Get Ready for School!”, click the image or the link below!


Get Ready for School: Free Pre K Printable Worksheets - Frugal Homeschool Family

Get Ready for School PreK Pack


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