Saving Money On Groceries!

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It didn’t take many additions to our family to realize we needed to pull up our boot straps in our budget!

Where did I foresee the MOST need to save money, you ask?? My hubby & I both agreed that even though we differed in our spending styles, we both realized the area that we typically spend the majority of our extra money is for meals. While I’m still not 100% ‘reformed’ in this area, I still enjoy eating out when possible, I do see the benefit of eating mostly home-cooked meals.

For the frugal family, we have to ask ourselves how we can prepare meals that are: tasty, nutritious, stretch far, and are easy to prepare.

*Below are my TOP TEN tips for doing just that; they’re simple really…but if you implement even ONE in your home, I’m sure you’ll be able to slim & trim your spending. Enjoy!!!

  1. Use Meal Plans That Can Be Regularly Repeated! (i.e. keep them simple though~ SAMPLE can be found in this pos
  2. Your Slow Cooker Must Become Your Best Friend! (i.e. meals that take little prep time, but can be quickly put together after breakfast for dinnertime; if lacking recipes you can find tons of FREEBIES on Pinterest)
  3. Find a Whole Sale Super Store Near You to Purchase Your Staples in Bulk! (i.e. Costco’s, Sam’s Club)
  4. Involve Your Children in the Process As Much As Possible! (this increases the likelihood that they will actually consume AND enjoy what your prepare)
  5. Consider Finding Fresh Veggies Somewhere More Affordable in Season! (i.e. grow your own garden, trade extras with friends, local co-op or farmer’s market)
  6. Where Possible, Buy Meat in Bulk! (meat is one of our costliest items; buy straight from farmer or butcher)
  7. Bake Your Own Treats! (most baked goodies are really overpriced OR full of non-nutritious additives; so baking your own equals WIN~WIN)
  8. Instead of Purchasing Individualized Portions, Where Possible Buy Larger Portions & Divide Using Tupperware, Glassware or Smaller Baggies! (i.e. yogurt, apple sauce, pudding, crackers, etc.)
  9. Double Batch! Saves Tons Over Time!!! (triple, quadruple…freeze extras unless consuming within a few days)
  10. Some of My Fav ‘Frugal’ Meals Include–> soups, stews, casseroles & meal salads! These can all be made to be nutritious, delicious AND affordable for the average (or larger than) family 🙂

Could you share with us one tip that was most HELPFUL in saving money in your kitchen?

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  1. Meal plan! Meal plan! Meal plan! I can’t stress that enough. It’s so important to plan your meals out for the week, this way you can shop accordingly & you’re not left with any waste:)

  2. Oh & great tips BTW! 🙂 ❤️

    1. Thanks Tanya for stopping by! I agree; meal plans are SO helpful 🙂

  3. We seldom use boxed mixes exceptional are corn bread muffins and cake mix. You have a very nice post and offer ways to save money on food. My wife cooked for many years, and now it is my turn. I make lots of soups and stews.

    1. I’m sure your wife is enjoying the nice break 😉 Thanks so much for commenting & stopping by~ Totally agree on the boxed stuff (only when necessary!!!)

  4. You’ve included some of my favorite strategies!
    It takes a little time and effort to implement these, but it sure does save a lot of money. It’s healthier, too!

  5. My kids can eat us out of house and home if I let them! We cook most things from scratch and make sure they get a starch to fill them up (potatoes, rice) at most meals. I also make bread from scratch when I have the time.
    Thanks for the list! It’s great to have the encouragement.

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