Easter Resurrection Day Craft

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When Easter rolls around it isn’t easy to find things to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. All too often you find aisle upon aisle full of brightly colored eggs, stuffed bunnies and baskets galore. While an egg hunt is fun to be sure, it isn’t what our children need to be excited about at Easter time.

The joy that our children need to be filled with is the fact that Jesus rose again! He didn’t just die on the cross to save us from our sin, He rose again and is waiting for us in Heaven!

In order to keep my family focused on this important truth I created a craft that will serve as a visual reminder of what Easter really is about….Jesus’ resurrection.


+ Easter Resurrection Day Craft +

Supply List


Bowl or Pot

8-10 Large Flat Stones

100-200 Small Stones

2 Pkg. of “Easter” Grass (or Shredded Paper)

1 Pkg. of Moss

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Optional Supplies:

10 Twigs @ 10″

5 Twigs @ 7″

12″ of Twine (or Ribbon)

White Strips of Cloth


Step One:

Gather supplies.

Step Two:

Place 1/2 of the small stones in the bottom of the bowl/pot. Fill bowl with “Easter” grass or shredded paper.

Step Three:

Cut Moss to lay on top of “Easter” grass.

Step Four:

Create tomb by gluing large stones together with hot glue. (Save one large stone for Step Six)

 Easter-Resurrection-Day-CraftStep Five:

Place tomb on top of the moss.

Step Six:

Hot glue last large stone slightly to the side of the “doorway”. (To portray that the stone was rolled away)

Step Seven:

Using the remainder of the small stones create walking path up to the tomb.


Optional Steps

Create cross with twigs and twine. Hot glue the twine in place on the back of the cross. Place the cross behind tomb to signify that Jesus’ resurrection defeated death in the grave.

Hot glue pieces of moss between the rocks to “hide” the hot glue between the rocks.

Cut strips of white cloth to represent the cloths Jesus left behind in the tomb.


I pray that this craft is a blessing to your family this Easter and that it helps you teach your children what Easter is really about! 




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  1. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

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