Unexpected Deliverance

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“I sought the LORD, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.”

Psalm 34:4

What a powerful statement about our God: “He delivered me from all my fears.”

Will you take a moment and rejoice with me in our God who answers us, and who delivers us?

What a wonderful God, who is alive and working and moving in hearts and lives and circumstances all around us… in numerous ways we can see, and in innumerable ways we can’t. I wonder how many Christ-followers today can say with the psalmist: “He delivered me from all my fears.”

Because there are many things we can fear, aren’t there? Disease. Disaster. Broken relationships. Disability. Crime. Death. Job loss. Change… And what about the fears we have on our children’s behalf? Danger. Loss of innocence. Illness. Self-abuse. Poor choices. Being bullied. Rejection of God… Just to name a few.

Do you want to be delivered from all your fears?

Oh, but be careful before your “yes” is too resounding. Because sometimes God’s methods are not what we would choose. Many times, the way He delivers us from our fears is by bringing us together with them, face-to-face.

You see, I used to fear unemployment. As a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of three, I used to wonder what would happen if my husband ever lost his job. Would we be okay?

I used to fear cancer. I used to wonder what would happen if I or someone within my immediate circle received that dreaded diagnosis. Would we be okay?

By God’s grace, I don’t fear these things anymore. But it wasn’t magic. And it sure wasn’t easy.

It was a year-long process through which God tenderly led me through the hardest times of my life… My husband lost his job. And he got cancer.

And you know what? We’re okay.

No, we’re better than okay. So much better than we were before. We may be a little battle-scarred, but we have been immeasurably enriched in all the ways that matter. I was able to see for myself that because my God is by my side, I will be okay through anything.

It’s powerful to hear this lesson from someone else’s testimony. And it’s inspiring to read about it in a Christian biography. And it’s certainly encouraging to read about it in God’s Word. But it’s a whole new level of amazing when you get to live it. It’s the kind of valuable lesson there’s no price tag big enough for.

I learned by experience that His grace really is enough. Enough for cancer. Enough for unemployment. Enough for anything.

And there were probably dozens of reasons why it was good for us to go through that season of unemployment and cancer. But even if it was only this one: He delivered me from all my fears… It was so. Beyond. Worth it.

Are you in the midst of a trial right now? Are you facing one of your worst fears? Even without knowing your situation, I can say with complete certainty that God is with you every step of the way. He knows, and He cares.

And though He doesn’t cause every trial, He absolutely always uses them. And I pray that when you are on the other side, your testimony will be: “He delivered me from all my fears.”

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  1. I am in the midst of a trial right now, and it is definitely encouraging to read this reminder that God is with me all the way.

    1. Hi, Tara! I’m glad this was a blessing to you during your time of trial. I just took a moment to pray for you, and I will continue as the Lord brings you to my mind! May God continue to bless you with a particular sense of His presence, and may He shine brightly in your walk of faith!

  2. His ways are certainly different than ours, but I have learned (the hard way) to trust Him. I ask Him to change me and make me more like Him, and He does just that. The problem is, His “de-creation” precedes His re-creation. The hardest part is trusting Him when I can’t see what He is up to. But when He is finished, the new creation will be infinitely worth it!

  3. since the start of the year I have just found myself in fear, for so much that has never bothered me before and challenged by God about this. On Wednesday I started a prayer declaration, rewriting Psalm 34 for myself to decalre the truths and not my fears. How amazingly perfect timing and thank you for your testimony. Even if those fears come true God is still there. Thank you so much!

  4. There isn’t enough room for me to fully testify as to the Glory of God in my life. I was brought up a Lutheran, always found it to be stuffy, and judgemental, and toward the end of my teens, I left the Church and as far as life goes, I decided to “do it myself”. Along with this came a long series of poor choices. There were MANY times that I could have been killed by my mistakes and poor judgment, but through it all, Christ was with me. I finally decided to ask the Lord to come into my life and forgive me of my sins. I have found a good Bible based Church and attend regularly. I thank God daily for not giving up on me.

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