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In the early years of our homeschool experience, both of my daughters excelled quickly in math. There wasn’t much of a fuss and they actually seemed to enjoy math {which made my math loving Mama heart so happy!} Tears were rarely {if ever} shed over math during those early years.   But around fourth grade, something seemed to go astray. Tears were an everyday occurrence. Math time became a dreaded time during our homeschool days. The curriculum that we had used since Kindergarten no longer seemed to be a good match for us. We needed something else.

We tried a few other math programs and nothing seemed to be any better. I felt like my children were actually regressing in their mathematical abilities….this constant struggle went on for a few months. Until I was introduced to CTC Math.

CTC Math has been an answered prayer for us! If math is a struggle in your homeschool, I highly suggest looking into CTC Math.

How it works:

  • Each child has his/her own log in information to keep progress separate and easy to follow for each student.
  • Choose from thousands of online tutorials. These tutorials can be completed in sequence or you can jump straight to problem areas where your child needs additional practice.
  • The tutorials contain a 4-9 minute video lesson that your child can pause or rewind at his/her convenience. The tutorials are in color and contain both audio and animation. The lessons are concise and easy to follow.
  • At the end of each tutorial is a set of interactive questions or a printable worksheet. These activities offer automated grading which is tracked in an ongoing progress report.
  • There is also a printable one-page summary available for each tutorial.
  • Your child will receive certificates of accomplishment throughout the program.
  • Weekly reports are emailed to the parent.
  • Other activities included {ex. Speed Drills- my daughters loved this aspect of the program}.

Why should you choose CTC Math?

  • Online math tutor is available 24/7 at your convenience.
  • Easy to follow instruction.
  • Increase your child’s confidence.
  • It’s an affordable alternative to traditional tutoring.

In their own words…what did my daughters {ages 10 and 11, both in fourth grade} think of CTC Math?

“It’s fun!”

“Can I do more speed drills?”

“That’s easy! Why didn’t you say that the first time?” – yep, always Mom’s fault!

To find out more about CTC Math and to try it out for FREE, click here!

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